Support For College Leavers

Support for College Leavers

These pages are dedicated to students coming from college with advanced standing, ie coming with an HNC or HND into 2nd or 3rd year.

The differences between college life and university life

College and university life have different learning environments.

Learning independently seems to be the big issue reported by a lot of students coming from college to university. Much of the learning on your degree will be guided by you - being prepared for this make your transition to university life that bit smoother.

Some other areas which might be different are the style of academic writing and an approach to study that involves critical thinking and referencing.

The Abertay College Transition (ACT) Programme

The ACT programme has been created for students coming from college to university for the purpose of making their transition less difficult. The programme starts in September and runs during the week.

Click here for more information about how the ACT programme can help you.

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