Support for Ukraine

The Abertay University community is working together to support the humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine.

We are proud of the way that so many of our students, staff, alumni and friends have stood in solidarity with people affected by the conflict, showing a willingness to offer support through donations, fundraisers, collection of goods, bake sales, game jams, online events and many other efforts.

In addition to helping to coordinate and promote this initial, practical response, the University and Abertay Students’ Association are taking forward a series of actions, both on campus and in support of national initiatives, as we look to assist students and academics seeking to come to Scotland.

Studying at Abertay

We are keen to offer help to Ukrainian students who may want to transfer from their existing institution in Ukraine or to register with us as new students for intake in September. 

You could be eligible for free tuition and living cost support. Please check SAAS for information about Ukrainian refugees living in Scotland.

Apply for SAAS funding

Our Recruitment Team can help guide you through the process. Email

Support for Academics

We offer opportunities for visiting academics and Professors to join our academic community on a voluntary basis. If your work aligns to our portfolio of teaching and research, you can reach out directly to our Deans of School:

Please email including a CV and an indication of your area of interest.

Abertay is a member of CARA (Council for at Risk Academics) and we are working closely with them to offer support. Email CARA -

Abertay Students’ Association

The Abertay Students’ Association is on hand to support students affected by the war in Ukraine, and can also help you coordinate actions to support the humanitarian response for Ukraine.

Get in touch by emailing or contacting the Student President or Vice President.

What can I do as an individual?

Although there are many ways to show your support for Ukraine, the Scottish Government has confirmed that donating funds, or volunteering with charities registered in Scotland or in the rest of the UK, is the most effective way to make an impact at this time.

The Ready.Scot site has links to charities where you can confidently and safely make a cash donation, and the Disaster Emergency Committee has launched the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal as a direct response to the crisis. UNICEF have also launched a campaign to support children affected by the war.

Supporting students and staff

Since the conflict began, we’ve been in contact with the small number of Ukrainian students and staff currently at Abertay to offer advice and pastoral support. We have also reached out to our partner institutions in Ukraine to offer to assist in any way that we can.

The Student and Academic Services team are on hand to provide support to all our students and can be contacted through the Support Enquiry Zone. Students can also find links to a number of resources, including out-of-hours support, on our support pages. 

We also have support in place for staff, including counselling, with details available on the People Services intranet pages.

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