Rent Prices


How much rent you will pay for our Halls of Residence depends on the length of your lease and the hall you decide to live in. 

Check the rent costs for Keiller Court and Parker House on their websites.

When you pay rent

For first term starts, recurring monthly card payments will be deducted on the 9th of each month, as per your lease. After your first prepayment is made using the online payment system, your rent is paid from October up to and including May for 40-week leases, and up to and including August for 51-week leases. 

For term two starts, recurring payments will be taken on 9th of each month from February to May.

Payment Options

  • In full and in advance. If you pay within the required 14 days you will receive a 2% discount.
  • Monthly by recurring debit/credit card payment.

Find for the full payment process, visit how to pay your Rent.


For help with budgeting and other financial advice, you can book an appointment with our Student Financial Adviser via the Support Enquiry Zone in the library.