Our Campus

Abertay Campus

The University is conveniently located on a city centre campus, with all of its buildings within a quarter of a mile of each other. Shops, recreational facilities and the main bus and train stations are a short walk away.

The main buildings - Old College, Kydd Building, Student Centre and Hannah Maclure Centre - are in the Bell Street complex, grouped around the University's award-winning library.

There's always a busy atmosphere around the Abertay campus, as students come and go to lectures, meet with staff, study for exams, and attend tutorials and seminars.

Abertay Campus - image taken from above

Finding your Way Around

There are five levels within the main academic area of Abertay, consisting of four buildings: the Kydd building, the Baxter Building, the Graham Building and the Old College building.

Level 5 is generally for Social Health Science students, level 4 generally for Computing (Kydd Building).

Levels and Room Numbers

Levels and Room Numbers

  • If a room number begins with 1, the room is on level 1. If a room number begins with 2, the room is on level 2 and so on.
  • If the second digit of the room number is 5 (for example 3530) the room will be within the Kydd Building.
  • If the second digit is 0 (for example 3022) the room will be situated within the Old College Building.
  • Rooms beginning with G are situated in the Graham Building.

We've provided you with maps of each level for you to get familiar with the layout. You can even print them off and bring them with you.

Campus Tours

School and College Group Bookings

If you'd like to bring a group of students to one of our Open Days or arrange an alternative date, please contact our Student Recruitment team on sro@abertay.ac.uk

Can’t Make an Open Day?

If you can't make it to Open Day, you can attend one of our regular guided campus tours where our Student Ambassadors will be happy to show you around and answer your questions about life at Abertay


Driving to the university, thought about car sharing and saving money?


Find car sharing partners and save money travelling to the university every day. Whether you work or live in Tayside and Central Scotland, you can find someone who shares your journey with the website Liftshare. It's easy and free to join and allows you the flexibility to drive into Dundee and the university campus. You can limit your search to find only people who are travelling to the university using Abertay University's Car Share Scheme.

Save costs on car parking

You can purchase a monthly pass for the West Bell St multi-storey car park (which is two minutes walking distance from the Abertay campus). The pass costs £72.60 per month, which works out really economical – around £3.25 a day. You can save money again if you car share with a few people.

It’s really simple to do – you make a single purchase before the first of each month. Anyone who wants to find out more about parking at the University can do so on the Estates portal page. To order a monthly ticket, visit the Make a Payment page.

Benefits of car sharing

• Save a considerable amount of money on city car parking
• Save money through reduced mileage and petrol costs
• Reduced congestion into/out of Dundee
• Reduced pollution around the city
• Alleviate parking problems driving to and out of Dundee
• Meet new people

Leisure Facilities

Sport at Abertay is as much a part of university life as attending lecture and tutorials. We have over 20 sports clubs ranging from traditional sports such as rugby and football through to new exciting sports such as skydiving and ultimate Frisbee. Most clubs compete in the Scottish universities sport leagues, while some also compete in local amateur leagues.

There's also a revitalised gym on campus, making it ideal to use in-between classes. For a minimal membership you have the use of 14 cardio vascular stations, 15 strength stations and as much training advice as you want.

For contact details for all the current sports clubs, contact the Sports Development Officer or the clubs directly.

The gym is located on the ground floor of the Graham Building and can be accessed through Old College, round the corner from the Copyshop, or from the bottom right corner of the rear car park