How to Apply for Accommodation

UCAS Embargo 

Universities get early access to embargoed exam results to allow us to prepare and make decisions in time for their official publication date. 

From 6pm Friday 7 August to 9am Tuesday 4 August 2020, the Applicants Portal, which includes the Residences Application, will be hibernating due to the embargo period. During this period no-one will be able to access the Residences Online Application (not even us) but we'll be back live and up-to-date from 12noon on Tuesday 4 August 2020.

Those who have already applied for halls and hoping to change to Unconditional Firm on 4 August will receive an email from us on that day. Please do have patience as we will have many applications and queries, but we will be in touch. Remember to check your junk mail before contacting us in case our email has went in there.

For those already holding accommodation offers - don't worry, you will be able to access the online system from 9am on Tuesday 4 Aug and we will extend contract acceptance dates to reflect this period of down time.

Good luck if you are awaiting results! Our office is open as usual during the full embargo period. If you have any queries do try our FAQs or email us at 


Coronavirus 2020 June update: You can apply for University accommodation from 12 noon on Monday 15 June 2020. Residences contract dates will align with the revised start date for the 2020/21 academic year, with Orientation Week now due to begin on September 14. International and EU students coming from countries who would have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival in the UK will be offered two weeks' free accommodation at all our halls of residence prior to the start of Orientation Week, i.e. from 31 August to 13 September.

Once you apply we’ll be in touch regarding any changes and updates to government guidance which may affect student accommodation. We will be putting in place social distancing where this is required. 

Where your arrival is prevented and you have already signed your lease, you will be able to cancel it with 28 days notice.

We do not take a deposit, but you will be asked to make a prepayment of rent when you accept your room offer. (If you have a Conditional Firm offer to study with us that is dependent on your results, we only send out room offers after your results are known). If you cannot attend due to Coronavirus restrictions in your home country, or the UK, the prepayment will be refunded.

Applying for Abertay Accommodation


1. Accept an offer to study with us via UCAS - then you can apply.

2. Apply via OASIS - specify any special needs at this point.

3. Your room is assigned - this is done on a first come, first served basis.

4. Offer made - read and accept the lease/contract in OASIS.

5. Pay the rent - you have 14 days to accept the agreement by prepaying the rent.

6. Collect the keys - complete the Safety Induction, set up your recurring payments (if needed), and collect your keys.

Our online application for accommodation opens in the Spring of the year you are applying for.  Find out more in the FAQs

See below for step-by-step details.


Check list: Are you ready?

  1. Have you accepted your conditional or an unconditional study offer via UCAS?
  2. Are you going to be a full-time student?
  3. You are ready to apply for your room in our Halls of Residence.

You will be asked to make five room choices in order of preference with number one being your first choice. See all our rooms on the Student Accommodation page.

If you are a person with disabilities, please email or phone 01382 308833 to talk to the Student Advisor for Disabled Students before you apply. You can find more information in the Personal Requirements FAQs.  Also, we have several AccessAble: accessibility guides which may be useful.

The Application Process in detail

The application system for accommodation opens in the spring of the year you are joining us. We will email you to let you know as soon as online applications are open.

Applying is fairly straightforward; here's how you do it.

  1. Go to your OASIS account.
  2. Sign in using your username and password (Forgotten your password?)
  3. Select 'My Application'.
  4. Click on 'Residences Application and Offer'.
  5. You'll see a Welcome screen with a 'Current Status for (year)-(year)'.  
  6. Select the 'Complete application' button.
  7. After this, use the Next>>' and '<<Back' links at the bottom of the screen to navigate. Please don't use your browser, it won't work.
  8. Your study details are next. PLEASE read them and make sure they are right. Make changes if you need to.
  9. Click ‘Next>>’ once your details are correct.
  10. We need you to fill in contact details for this application. Please make sure they are correct, particularly your email address. Click ‘Next>>’.
  11. On the 'Accommodation Preferences' page, fill out the questions, and choose five rooms in order of preference with your favourite choice first.
  12. You need to make five different room choices to complete the application. You can choose the same room twice by altering the length of the lease. 
  13. Chosen five rooms? Then hit 'Next>>'.
  14. Please review your application on the 'Confirmation of Application' screen and make sure it is right. You can still make changes at this point using the '<<Back' links.
  15. Once you are ready, click 'Submit Application>>'.
  16. You will then receive an email confirming your five choices. Check your junk folder if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox.
  17. We will be in touch again once your study offer is confirmed.

For more help, check the Accommodation Application FAQs.

You have submitted your Application. What’s next?

You should have an automatic email to confirm your application.  

After that, the timing depends on the kind of study offer you have.

Conditional offer: You will get an email confirming that you are on our list. Once your study offer is confirmed, then we will be in touch within seven days.

We aim to contact you the day you receive your results. This email with either be a room offer, or a note saying we are working on it.

Unconditional offer: We aim to email you an offer within seven days after you apply for a room.

You will receive an email confirming availability, and the details of your room offer.

In both cases, we cannot guarantee you’ll get what you've chosen, but we’ll make every effort to find you somewhere suitable.

For more help check the Accommodation Offer FAQs.

Your accommodation offer & lease

Accept your offer using your OASIS account. This must be done within 14 days of the date of our offer email

Check the lease thoroughly, accept it in OASIS.

Accepting the offer creates a legal agreement between you and the University. It means you are signing a legally binding contract.

Always check the contract details properly so you know exactly what you are signing up to. There’s an example of our lease on Useful Information page. Parker House and Keillor Court supply their own.

When you are ready, tick the box to say you accept it in OASIS.

For independent and impartial legal advice, please visit Shelter Scotland and Citizens Advice Bureau.

You can contact us with questions about the lease, plus there is a page full of Useful Information including the full list of FAQs and Rent Costs.

For more help, check the Accommodation Offer FAQs.

How to pay the rent & accept the offer

You accept the accommodation offer by paying the rent and accepting the lease in OASIS. You need to accept within 14 days of the date of our offer email.

After that, complete the Safety Induction, and set up your recurring card payment process (if you go for Option B below).

You don't pay a deposit; your rent payment secures the room.  (BTW, this also means you pay for any damages immediately!)

Whichever option you choose, what you pay is rent NOT a deposit. You will not get the payment back at the end of your lease.

Overseas Students: If you are coming to Abertay from overseas, please contact us by phone 44 (0)1382 308833 before you pay. 

OPTION A: Pay the full rent upfront.

  1. Goto
  2. Select the button that says 'Accommodation Rent & Damages - 3rd party'.
  3. Goto 'Payment of Student Accommodation' add the correct amount, and proceed to checkout. You will find the amount in your lease.
  4. You have paid the full amount
  5. Make sure you have completed all the steps in your offer email. Then your room is secured.

If you are not sure whether your payment has been received, please email who can check it for you.

OPTION B: Set up a monthly pre-payment plan.

If you want to pay in monthly installments, you'll need to pay the first month's rent within 14 days of receiving your offer email. See clause 2 of the lease for the amount of rent you need to pay.  

Then you need a recurring payment plan. Again, the amount is in clause 2 of your lease. To get this agreed, email our Finance Dept and ask for a monthly payment plan.

Finance will send you instructions about how to set this up a couple of weeks before term starts. This needs to be done using a debit/credit card.

Your room is secured once you have completed all the steps listed in our offer email. 

If we still haven’t answered all your questions, check out the Rent & Payment FAQs.