How to Choose your Room

How to choose your room

It's a big decision, we know. So we've broken it down for you. And hopefully by the time you've read this page, you'll have a better idea of the type of room you want.

First of all, have a think:

  • How much can you afford?

  • How close to the University do you want to be?

  • What size of bed suits you?

  • Do you need an en-suite bathroom?

  • How many people do you want to share a flat with?

  • Are you bringing a bike or car?

Take a VERY good look around. 

Read about the Residences available, and check out the different rooms on their websites. If you're coming to visit on an Open Day, go on the Accommodation tours and talk us about it.

Think about what matters most to you. Being near to the University? An en suite bathroom? A bike store? The size of the bed? Being close to shops?

We've got options to suit a range of budgets, from single rooms to one bed studios, and all the halls are walking distance from the University. 

Take your time to decide what you need, and how much you want to spend.  This is going to be your home for nearly a year - it needs to be right.

Read on about budgeting or if you think you're ready, now choose your room.

How much can you spend?

Budget is a big one. How much you can afford to spend per month is obviously crucial. 

Look at how much money you'll have left each month and make sure you have enough to live on. A big room may seem great at first, but if you can't afford to eat properly, it will impact on your studies. 

Our rooms vary in price per week. You need to decide how much rent you can afford to pay now.

This may seem like a scary idea, but in reality, it's helpful. It means you've got your living space and budget sorted out before you start studying meaning one less thing to worry about.

Don’t forget, most bills are part of your rent, including gas, electricity, basic insurance and wifi. 

Special Requirements

Do you have any special requirements or are a person with disabilities? The privately-owned residences have a limited number of flats/rooms for students with specific needs.

Please email or phone 01382 308833 to talk to a Student Advisor before you book so they can understand your specific requirements.

Moving to Abertay from another country? If you have specific questions, check out the International FAQs.

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