Accommodation FAQs

Helpful FAQs about Student Accommodation

Moving into student halls is a big step and we know you will have lots of questions. If we haven't answered them all here, then please contact us.

Student Accommodation FAQs

Student Accommodation FAQs about our halls of residence, from security and WiFi through to bike storage and parking. 

Accommodation Application FAQs

Accommodation Application FAQs give you all the answers you need about how to apply for accommodation, what information you need to give us, how the process works, and what happens next.

Accommodation Offer FAQs

Accommodation Offer FAQs about how to accept your accommodation offer, what happens if you miss the 14 day deadline, and more.

Rent & Payment FAQs

Rent & Payment FAQs about your rent including how and when you pay, how much it is, and where to make your payment.

Packing FAQs

Packing FAQs helps you with what to bring (bedding etc), what not to bring (no pets!) and what else you might need to know.

Collecting Keys FAQs

Collect Keys FAQs covers arrival day - how, where and when to collect your keys so you can move into your new room.

Personal Requirements FAQs

Personal Requirement FAQs gives you help about special needs, facilities, can you share with friends, what happens at Christmas and more.

International Students FAQs

International Students FAQs is designed to help you if you are coming to live in Abertay student accommodation from outside the UK.

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