2019 Graduation Dates – Thursday 4 July and Friday 22 November

Some days you’ll remember forever. Graduation is one of them.  It’s that rite of passage between completing your degree and facing your future. You’ll find all the information you need here about the graduation process – even if you don’t plan to attend the ceremony. Read these pages carefully  they'll help you prepare so that you don't miss a deadline.


Information for Graduating Students

To formally graduate, you must register for graduation and pay the charge whether or not you choose to attend the ceremony. See the below sections for more information.

Group of graduates wearing robes and holding scrolls - 4 females, 1 male

Before You Graduate

Everything you need to know about graduation day.

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Three graduates wearing robes and holding their scrolls - two males, one female

On Graduation Day

A run down of what happens during the ceremony.

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Five professionals

After Graduation

You will remain part of Team Abertay as one of our alumni when you graduate.

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Watch the 2018 Winter Graduation

Welcome – you are connected to the live feed of the University graduation ceremonies.

The video will automatically start here once the ceremonies begin. 

2018 Graduations

Watch the 2018 summer ceremonies and read our alumni stories.

Winter Graduation 2017

Graduate Profiles

Graduate Profiles

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Abertay Graduation- Students Celebrating

Abertay 2018 Graduation Videos

Abertay 2018 Summer Graduation videos- watch them here.

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