Academic Dress

The wearing of academic dress is a university tradition.

What you should wear

Graduation ceremonies are official occasions and the wearing of academic dress is compulsory. 

This means a gown and hood. Mortar boards are not worn. 

Gowns and hoods vary in style and colour and indicate the award and the awarding university.

List of awards and academic dress


Hiring academic dress

Marston Events is the University's appointed supplier, and academic dress should be hired directly from them.  Your should arrange the hire of your academic dress as soon as possible and by the deadline of midnight on Sunday 12 November.

Gowns and hoods should be hired via Marston Events website. The cost of hiring academic dress is £44 (subject to change). You'll be issued with a QR code one week prior to graduation, so please bring this with you when collecting your academic dress. 

As for what you wear, although there’s no formal dress code, we advise to dress smartly. It’s not a day for jeans and trainers. 

It’ll be easier to keep your hood in place if you have a top with buttons, or bring a safety pin.

Collecting your academic dress

You can collect your gown from Marston Events, located on campus in the Old College Building.

You must have your QR code and allocated seat number in order to collect your academic dress.

Please make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to collect your academic dress, as late arrivals will not be admitted to the Caird Hall once the ceremony has started. 

If you're unable to collect your academic dress at the time specified in the Graduation Information Booklet, you can ask a friend or relative provided they have your full name and QR code.

Returning your academic dress

All gowns and hoods should be returned to Marston Events, located on campus in the Old College Building, not later than 3.00pm on Graduation Day.

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