Academic Dress

The wearing of academic dress is a university tradition. Gowns and hoods vary is style and colour to indicate the award and the awarding university.

Graduation ceremonies are an official occasion and the wearing of gown and hood is compulsory. As for what you wear, although there’s no formal dress code, smart dress is essential. It’s not a day for jean and trainers. It’ll be easier to keep your hood in place if you have a top with buttons, or bring a safety pin.

Hiring academic dress

Arrange hire of your academic dress of gown and hood as soon as possible, and at least three weeks before the ceremony. The University’s appointed supplier is Irish Legal & Academic Ltd.  Book and pay directly from them at or contact their call centre on 0870 240 1852.  Once paid, you’ll be issued with a reference number to use when collecting your robes.

Collection times

Collect your gowns and hoods in Ashton Hall (within the Caird Hall)

Students graduating at the 11am ceremony should collect their academic dress either on 21 November 2019 between 2.00pm - 4.00pm or on Graduation Day from 8.30am - 10.30am.

You won’t be given your academic dress without your allocated seat number. If you’re unable to collect it yourself at the specified times, someone else can on your behalf provided they have your full name and address, your height, and your reference number (from when you made your booking).

Returning academic dress

Robes must be returned to Irish Legal and Academic Ltd no later than 3.00pm on graduation day.

Refunds on gown hire

If you’re unable to attend your graduation ceremony, for whatever reason, Irish Legal & Academic Ltd will refund your hire payment providing you email at least one week before the ceremony.