Student Accommodation FAQs

Answers to your questions about our halls of residence, from security and WiFi through to bike storage and parking. This covers Lyon Street, Meadowside, Parker House and Keiller Court.

Lyon Street & Meadowside FAQs

Questions and answers about Lyon Street and Meadowside halls. Both these halls are owned and run by us. If you don't find the answer you need here, please email for more information.

What is en-suite accommodation?

A bedroom with private shower-room facilities: each en-suite room has its own shower, wash hand basin and WC. Around 40% of the rooms we have are en-suite.

How many people share a bathroom in non-en-suite rooms?

This depends on the halls you are in. The mix varies between two to seven students sharing But don't worry though there are plenty of shower rooms and WCs so you won't queue for long. And by the way, queuing is a great way to make new friends!

Is the accommodation single sex or mixed sex?

Lyon Street and Keiller Court are usually single sex as these have shared facilities in the flats, Meadowside Halls and Parker House can be either mixed sex or single sex as these rooms all have their own shower room. 

What's the difference between the Lyon Street room types?

  • Economy Room = Small single bedroom with single bed. This room has less floor space than the Standard room
  • Standard Room = Single bedroom with single bed.
  • Standard Plus = Single bedroom with single bed. This flat has a lounge area.
  • Bedsit = Self-contained flat with own bathroom, bedroom and kitchen
  • Premium Single Room = Large bedroom with double bed (for one person)
  • Premium Double Room = Double bedroom with double bed (for up to 2 people sharing)
  • Twin Room = Large bedroom with two single beds for 2 people to share.

How many rooms should I choose?

Please make FIVE Room Choices. To complete the application process you will be asked to choose five room options, so please take your time.

This should be in order of preference with your top choice first.

We will try as hard as possible to give you your first choice but can't always guarantee it.

Do all halls have internet access?

Yes, hardwired and Wi-Fi internet access is available in halls.

Can I smoke in my residence?

No. Our residences are all strictly non-smoking. Any student caught smoking in any of the residences will be charged a fixed penalty and the cost to repair any smoke damage, along with disciplinary action.

What do the caretakers do?

Your Caretaker is your first point of contact if you have any general issues with your accommodation. If they are unable to help, they will be able to pass you on to someone who can. They are also responsible for the cleaning services, general maintenance and repairs within each hall.

Do halls provide meals?

We don’t provide meals in our Halls, but all have kitchens. Plus all our Halls are close to supermarkets.

There are two cafes on campus, and many restaurants and takeaways nearby if you prefer not to cook.

What bills are covered by the rent?

Some bills are included in the rent – gas, electricity, heating, water, basic insurance and WiFi.  If you watch TV on any device, you will need to buy a TV Licence.

Check out the Rent & Payment FAQs for more info about rent.

Can I have a guest in my room?

Contact the Residences office by email or phone +44 (0)1382 308049.

How do I contact the residences office?

To contact us either email or phone +44 (0)1382 308049.

What if I need help out of office hours?

If it's an emergency, phone our 24-hour Campus Security on +44 (0)1382 308008 for help.

Who do I contact in an emergency?

Both residences have 24/7 security staff on the premises.

You can contact the emergency services by calling 999.

What about security?

Each hall has a 24/7 security team. They monitor people coming and out in an effort to prevent crime. They are there to keep your property and you safe from threat.

Parker House & Keillor Court FAQs

Parker House and Keillor Court are owned by external companies. We have an arrangement with them where they hold a certain amount of rooms for us. If you don't find the answer you need here, please contact Parker House or Keiller Court directly for information.

Their website show their rooms as full. Am I too late?

No. Their online information relates to the rooms they lease out directly. We have a large number of rooms set aside for our new students. Apply through OASIS in the usual way.

What is the arrangement between these halls and the University?

Abertay University and Parker House, and Abertay University and Keiller Court have a contractual agreement through which a large number of rooms are reserved exclusively for our new students.

The remaining rooms are let directly by Parker House/Keiller Court for students registered at any of Dundee's institutions of further or higher education.

How do I apply for a room in Parker House or Keiller Court?

If you're a new student you should apply online via OASIS using your username and password.

We will then allocate you a room and pass your details to Parker House/Keiller Court who will in turn contact you with an offer and paperwork. The lease will be between you and Parker House/Keiller Court.

Returning students should apply directly online to Parker House/Keiller Court.

Will my lease be with Parker House/Keiller Court or Abertay University?

Whether you are a new or returning student, your lease will be with Parker House/Keiller Court, not the University.

How long will my lease be?

It depends what you choose. There is either a 43 or 51 week lease with Parker House or 44 weeks at Keiller Court.

Will I be sharing a room/flat only with Abertay students?

New students allocated to rooms in the Abertay University flats will be sharing with other Abertay students.

Returning students, who must apply directly to Parker House/Keiller Court, may be sharing a flat with students from other institutions.

How do I pay my rent?

Please see the Parker House and Keiller Court websites for full information.

Does the rent include utility bills?

Yes, the rent charge covers the WiFi, electricity and water costs. It also includes basic contents insurance cover.You need to buy your own TV licence.

Visit the Parker House and Keiller Court websites for details.

Can I transfer if I want to move to another University residence?

No, unfortunately not.

The lease with Parker House/Keiller Court is not transferable with an Abertay University lease. If you have any issues with your flat or flatmates, please speak to a member of staff in the Parker House or Keiller Court offices.

Do I have to buy a TV licence?

Yes. You need a licence if you watch television programmes on any device. If you do not buy one you could be prosecuted and fined. Please go to the TV Licensing website for more information.

Will I be able to access the internet from my room?

Yes. There is a free broadband connection in each bedroom.

Can I smoke in my bedroom?

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited in every part of the buildings at all times. If you wish to smoke, cigarette bins are provided outside the building but within the secure perimeter of the complex. Please note that Abertay University has a strict no-smoking policy throughout the campus and all Halls of Residence.

Are there any parking spaces?

Contact Parker House or Keiller Court directly for information.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. Contact Parker House or Keiller Court directly for information.

What types of rooms are available?

There are 3 room packages available to our students in Parker House:
Bronze en-suite, Silver en-suite and Platinum en-suite.

Visit the Parker House webpage for more information.

For Keiller Court, we have double rooms with shared shower rooms available. Visit Keiller Court's website for more information.

What fittings are included ?

  • Bedroom: Bed, bedside cabinet, over-bed light, pin board, desk, storage space, bookshelves, drawers
  • Kitchen/Lounge areas: TV, microwave, fridge freezer, hob/oven/extractor, vacuum cleaner

What is not provided?

Bedding, crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils, toaster, kettle, iron and ironing board, dustpan/brush, mop/bucket, a TV licence.

How many people will I share an apartment with?

Apartments have five or seven bedrooms so you will be sharing with another four or six students.

What happens if I want to leave part way through the tenancy?

You can leave your accommodation at any time.

BUT whenever you leave, you are still liable for the full amount of rent for the full period of your lease. This is unless you can make an arrangement for another suitable student to take over your lease.

This will require the formal signing of a contract between Parker House/Keiller Court and the other student before it takes effect.

Is there any security?

Parker House and Keiller Court both include:

  • 24-hour security
  • CCTV system
  • Electronic fob entry system
  • Security door entry to each block with intercom
  • Bedroom door locks.

All windows have restricted opening for security and safety reasons. Students are also able to contact the University's Campus Security team.

Is there bicycle storage?

Yes, and it is free of charge.

Is general maintenance provided?

Yes, the onsite management office will be able to resolve any maintenance issues you may have. They also have a 24-hour emergency service for any out of hours emergency issues.

Do they provide summer accommodation?

Please contact Parker House and Keiller Court directly for further information.