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Self help guides

  • Counselling and Mental Health - Information about the Counselling and Mental Health team. Why you might see a counsellor, how to make an appointment, how many appointments, professional standards, confidentiality, mental health advisors and other sources of information.

  • Anxiety - Feeling anxious is usually a response to difficult or unknown situations, such as an upcoming exam or asking someone out on a date. This guide can help you identify the symptoms of anxiety and what you can do to help reduce it.

  • Bereavement and Grief - Bereavement is a difficult time for anyone to go through. This guide provides information on how you can navigate the bereavement process.

  • Depression - This guide helps you to understand what depression is, where you can get help, strategies for tackling depression and provides some sources of help including who to contact in an emergency.

  • Eating Disorders - This guide helps you to identify the causes of disordered eating, provides signs and symptoms, and where you can get help.

  • LGBTQ+ - Wondering about your sexuality and/or gender?

  • Loneliness - Everyone at some point experiences loneliness. For some it may be when there's been a big change in their life, for example coming to university. This guide has some examples of ways to cope with loneliness and provides helpful resources.

  • Homesickness - A useful resource for students who are away from home for University.

  • Stress - Many problems start with stress, and this is why it's important to recognise unhealthy stress. This guide gives examples of the signs and symptoms of stress, provides 10 tips to get on top of stress and some additional sources of help.

  • Good Night's Sleep - Useful information on insomnia, sleeping patterns and helpful tips and facts on what to do if you are struggling with your sleep.

  • Men's Emotional Health - A resource for male students with useful information.

  • Life is Easier if you are Fitter - Leading a healthier life can massively improve your mental health, sleep patterns and general wellbeing

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