Student Carers

What is a student carer?

A student carer is someone who, at any point in their studies, provides unpaid care for a family member or friend who would not be able to manage without that support. Student carers provide emotional and/or practical care, due to:

  • Illness.

  • Disability.

  • A mental health problem.

  • An addiction.

If you are unsure if this is you, or to discuss your situation with us, please get in touch. 

Our pledge to you

We recognise the unique challenges facing student carers, so we provide lots of different support, resources and help for our student carers.

We want you to have a positive experience while studying here at Abertay and will do our best to give you all the help you need to achieve that.


How to contact us

Correct contact details: Advisory or SEZ? What's the best email title to reach the right person eg: 'Student Carer info'?

VIDEO: I ticked the box this needs to be as visible as possible as it is aimed at signposting the range of benefits for student carers if they disclose.

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First line support

You ticked the carers box in UCAS. This is what happens next.

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Finances funding

We can help you with forms, SAAS, grants and more.

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Mental Health Support for carers

We know that getting the right mental health support is extremely important for student carers like you.

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Employment and Careers

Career information for student carers you can plan post-graduation.

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Information and benefits

Useful information and benefits for Student Carers.

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First line support for student carers

You ticked the UCAS box - what happens next?

We know you have extra pressures in your life. Given the difficulties and time constraints student carers have along with the physical and mental demands involved we understand you'll need extra help. If you've told us via the UCAS form that you are a carer, or have contacted us directly, this is what happens next.

Student carer - named contact

We have a Named Contact for Student Carers (based in the Student Support Services Advisory team) and this is your first point of contact for most things. They can work with you to create a carers support plan - if you chose to have one.

Carer support meeting

If you tell us about your carer status, either directly or through your UCAS application our named contact will arrange a meeting where you can discuss your specific circumstances and ask questions. At the same time we can give you useful information about resources and facilities to help as much as we can. 

Carer support plan

Together we can create a support plan for you which is individual to you. This is based on your own specific caring circumstances. It means your wider teaching team (lecturers etc) will know how best to support you.

The plan is hosted on the internal OASIS platform, so you and the relevant module leaders, lecturers and academic advisors can access it.

Mitigating circumstances process

Most student carers sometimes need additional time or a deadline extension. There is a  'Mitigating Circumstances' process that you may need to use. Find out more about the Mitigating Circumstances process on the intranet.

Carer buddy scheme

There's a buddy system where you can be supported for a while by a more experienced student carer. This is to help new students like you settle in and enjoy university life. 

Help with finances and funding for student carers

Filling in forms

We will offer all student carers an appointment to help you fill in your SAAS forms, explain the kind of evidence they need and answer key questions. Find out more on the SAAS website.

In some cases we can give you practical help in completing other applications, such as xxx, or help with specific evidence for a funding or application process.


Benefits and entitlements for student carers

Provide specific advice on benefits or funding entitlements you may have as a student carer.  



Abertay Funding Resources

Welfare Funds and a range of other Funding based resources. LINKS/INFO NEEDED.


How can Advisory help you?

A walk-through of key funding info using the links to Advisory funding pages on intranet pages.


Mental Health Support for student carers

We understand that getting the right mental health support is extremely important to you. Talk to your named contact person (in our Advisory service) in the first instance. They can give you lots of information on the services available to support your mental health.

Free counselling and mental health service

We all need help sometimes. There is a free counselling service for any student who may needs it. To book an appointment contact the Student Enquiry Zone (SEZ). 

Abertay Wellbeing App

We know that other carers use and benefit from the the Abertay Wellbeing App. This is an interactive app that helps students to manage and monitor their own well-being. Over 600 students benefited from it so why not give it a try?

iPhone - Download the Wellbeing App -

Android - Download the Wellbeing App - 


The Chatty Café

This is a resource especially for Student Carers and International students.

The Cafe runs every Monday morning from 9am-10.30am offering an informal and enjoyable way to meet others and chat. It is hosted in The Junction on level 4 in the Kydd Building by one of the University counsellors. Just come along.

Academic: Micro-credential modules

All first and second year students at Abertay study four short online modules: these are called our micro-credential modules.  

These are small online modules worth 5 credits each, there are 16 to choose from. These help you get knowledge, skills and attributes important for your personal development, and complement your main degree. The ones we think would really help you are: 

  • Planning your career.
  • Well-being tricks and tools.
  • The future in work.


a link form the portal page directly to the intranet page/MLS pages that contains information on all the Micro-credential modules and also explains the overall purpose of the ‘My Success’ strategy.

Employment and Careers for Student Carers

Our Careers Service help prepare students for life after university (especially Graduate employment). They will help you to develop your personal, learning and employability skills: crucial for finding a graduate job. They can support you for up to three years after you have left.

They hold a percentage of work placements and employment opportunities specifically for student carers (and other disadvantaged students).  We also try an arrange some work placements or employment opportunities to be based working from home, or to be flexible around the hours/days of work.   

The service also promotes graduate job vacancies, summer roles, placements, projects, Internships and lots of other ways to develop your work-related skills and to connect and work with local employers.

The Careers Service will ensure every student carer has an opportunity to get advice and input on their graduate CV, or the opportunity of a one-to-one consultation to explore their own career plans and help clarify their options post-graduation.  

Useful information and benefits for Student Carers

Details of initiatives: like the current Free breakfast scheme (finished on 23 May?) food bank partnerships, or food voucher arrangements etc as appropriate. IS THIS CORRECT?

The University can provide emergency food vouchers and we also have a local foodbank referral service. Talk to your named person in Advisory and they can put you in touch.

Find out more on the page about cost of living support.

IS ANY OF THE BELOW TANGIBLE YET? Prob best not to include if it's not firmed up. Can add once they are arranged.

Discounted rates for Student Carers at the University Gym: (agreement & details To be confirmed)

The Student Association: along with other university areas are looking to allocate a designated space for student carers to meet up and talk.  

Student Association to promote to student careers groups: the range of clubs, societies and other roles etc which would be beneficial for carers, engagement will depend on other commitments. (Online options? To be explored and discussed with the Student association)

Outside agencies and carer centres - LINKS NEEDED

Links to all local/regional carers centres and support agencies. These live links will be between Abertay, and all organisations involved.


Videos x 2: 

A day in the life of student carer at Abertay University (to provide an insight to those who support and teach student (student carers)

I ticked the box (aimed at signposting the range of benefits for student carers if they disclose) this needs to be on the main page

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