The Abertay College Transition programme

Coming to Abertay from college? This FREE one-week programme helps you to identify the differences between the two and gives you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with university life before you start your studies here.

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24-28 August 2020

Programme Overview

Continuing your studies at Abertay in September 2020? 

Unsure about making the move from college to university? 

Wondering how to manage the demands of a degree? 

Then join the FREE Abertay College Transition (ACT) programme. 

What is the ACT programme?

The ACT programme is designed to help all new students coming from college to settle into university life and is especially useful if: 

  • You're coming back into education after some time away
  • You're worried that your other commitments will impact on your ability to study

Why choose the ACT programme?

The programme puts you in the best possible position to start your studies by: 

  • Allowing you to get to know your way around the university and the city
  • Introducing you to academics, librarians and Student Services staff
  • Giving you an opportunity to meet other new students

... all before you start the serious business of your degree. 

How much does the programme cost?

Nothing! It's completely free. 


The programme covers a range of subjects. Topics include:

  • Independent learning and critical thinking
  • Developing research methods
  • Understanding, planning and writing assessments
  • Increasing your employability while you're still a student

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practise these skills, get feedback from our tutors, and to ask questions. At the end of the programme, you’ll know what your lecturers will expect of you and how to meet those expectations.

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There are no tests, but we do set a writing task. If you choose to do this, you’ll get feedback on your academic writing which will give you some ideas about what you can already do well, what you might want to work on, and ways to do that.

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Fees and Accommodation

The programme is free. 

Is accommodation provided?

For students who live outside Dundee, University accommodation can be provided at a cost of £110.69 for the week, commencing Friday 21st August at 9am until Friday 28th August at 9am. Payments for the accommodation must be made by Friday 14th August at the latest. For more information, please call 01382 308425 or contact

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