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Faith and Belief

The University is a lively multi-faith and multi-cultural institution. The Chaplaincy seeks to serve the whole University community in a spirit of openness, friendship and mutual respect. We maintain a directory of the many places of worship in Dundee and Tayside together with contact numbers. We serve as a reference point for those with particular faith needs and as a forum for dialogue between those of different faiths.

The Chaplaincy is part of Student Services and works closely with the Student Association.  The Chaplaincy seeks to be a resource for the conscious broadening and developing of the spiritual insight and ethical awareness of those willing to be challenged by the broader implications of university life.

The work of the Chaplaincy is guided by members of staff and student representatives.

Confidential and non-judgemental Consultation

Chaplains have many years of experience in advising and helping students. We operate on a non-judgemental and confidential basis.


Who are the chaplains?

The University has a number of honorary Chaplains who can be contacted at any time.

Chaplaincy facilities

The Interfaith Prayer Room is open through the day and during the evening.