8.14 Student administration and support

This category contains information on how the institution manages the administration and progression of their students from admission to course completion, including student support services.

Access to online information is free. For other costs please see the charging policy.

1. Course information

Degree programmes offered by the institution.

Please visit these pages for information on degree programmes.

2. Recruitment and admissions

The institution's admissions procedures and policies.

Please visit the page on How to Apply. Please visit these pages for information on recruitment and admissions. There is also a page on how to find the University, if you are visiting.

For information for international students, please visit this page.

All our programmes are taught and examined in English; therefore students whose native language is not English must either obtain a satisfactory score in a recognised test of English language competency or produce other proof of English language proficiency. For a list of acceptable English language qualifications please refer to our main website.

The University welcomes applications from students currently studying for qualifications such as Higher National Certificates (HNC) or Higher National Diplomas (HND) from colleges of further education. In many cases, such applicants are considered for direct entry to the later years of degree courses. Please visit the page on 'How to Apply' to find out more, including contact details for all admissions enquiries.

3. Fees and charges

Tuition fees and other charges to students.

Please visit the page about fees and funding.

4. Scholarships and bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries available to students.

Please visit the page on 'Other sources of funding', and the page on fees and funding.

5. Registration

The institution's arrangements for registering students.

Induction and registration (Taught programmes)

Please visit this page on Admissions.

Induction and registration (Research Programmes)

Please visit the page on Admissions, and the page on the Graduate School.

6. Induction

The institution's student induction arrangements.

Induction and registration (Taught programmes)

Please visit the page on Admissions.

Induction & Registration (Research Degree students)

Please visit this page on Admissions.

7. Arrangements for examinations

Please visit this page. Otherwise, please contact the Support Enquiry Zone, or your Academic School for information.

8. Progression

Regulations governing student progression.

Please contact your Academic School for advice and information about the programme which you are enrolled on. The Academic Regulations are available here.

9. Learning support provision

Description and availability of the academic and non-academic learning support provision offered by the institution.

Student Academic Support Service

Please visit the Student Support and Services page.

10. Student liaison

The structure and functioning meetings of staff/student consultative committees or other liaison groups.

Each committee is administered by the academic school hosting the course/programme in question. Please visit the pages linked above for your Academic School.

The University has a Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement framework: please visit the Publication Scheme page for teaching quality.

The University's Teaching and Learning Committee aims to provide Schools with support to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning including the spread of best practice. The Committee aims to ensure that the university's learning infrastructure and its organisational development are co-ordinated with the needs of schools.

11. Student records

The institution's policies on the collection, maintenance and use of personal information about students.

Please visit the page on Student Records. Information about the student 'Higher Education Achievement Record' is available here.

Further information is also available at '2.Information legislation policies' in this Publication Scheme at 8.2 'Access to information and Records Management Policies'.‌

12. Student discipline

The institution's policies and procedures for disciplinary proceedings against students.

Please visit this page.

‌‌‌13. Student accommodation

Availability, conditions of use and range of accommodation services offered by the institution.

Please visit the page on Accommodation.

14. Graduation arrangements

Information about awards ceremonies can be viewed on the Events page.  Also please visit the page on Graduation Information.

15. Student complaints

Procedures for dealing with student complaints about the institution.

For information on making academic appeals, please visit this page.

The Abertay University Complaints Handling Procedure and Complaints Guidance for Students, as well as other documents, are available on the page entitled Information & Procedures on Complaints.

16. Student facilities

Description of the academic, leisure and other facilities and services available exclusively to students.

Please visit the pages on Student Life for information.

Student welfare

Information on counselling and advisory services

Please visit the Student Support and Services page.

Chaplaincy services

Chaplaincy information

Please visit the Faith and Belief page.

Careers services

Please visit the page for the Career Development Centre.


Please visit the page on Sport at Abertay

17. Relationship with the Students Association

The legal and structural basis of the institution's relationships with the Students Union/Association.

Please visit the Students' Association's website for details of the Students' Association's Constitution, and for contact details for the Students' Association.

18. Students' Union/Association

Information on the operation and activities of the Students' Union/Association.

Please visit the page linked above.

19. Academic Regulations

Please visit this page.

20. Social Networking Guidance

Please click Social Networking Guidance for the University's guidance.

21. Other enquiries

For all other student enquiries, please visit the pages for Student Support and Services which includes the Support Enquiry Zone, or the page for your academic School. Please make your enquiry direct to these offices.

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