Abertay BSL Action Plan 2018-2024

Abertay BSL Action Plan 2018-2024

The BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 requires Scottish Higher Education Institutions to publish British Sign Language plans (in BSL and English) every six years, setting out how they will promote and support students who use BSL as their first, or preferred, language (including in its tactile form) with a clear measurable commitment to improvement associated with the BSL National Plan (available to here).

The Abertay University BSL Plan is framed around the same long-term goals as the BSL National Plan, where these are relevant to the overall context within which University works.

The aim of the plan is to:

  1. to encourage BSL users to apply to the University
  2. improve the support available to BSL users

In doing so the University commits to supporting BSL, including in its tactile form.

The University is committed to continued engagement around a) implementing actions and b) providing feedback on progress, including contributing to a national progress report in 2020.

The plan available below is a ‘work-in-progress’ which will be developed further in consultation with the BSL community. A number of the actions are intended to support the University to better understand the BSL community and the community’s needs in order to enhance support and remove barriers to BSL users engaging with the University as staff, students and visitors.

Read Abertay BSL Action Plan 2018-2024


BSL Action Plan 1: Across all our services (BSL Version) 

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BSL Action Plan 4: The University's contribution to long term goals (BSL Version) 

BSL Action Plan 5: Transition and Access (BSL Version) 

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