8.21 Information & Procedures on Academic Appeals


An Appeal is a request for the review of a student progression or award decision taken by the Student Progress Panel (or Research Degrees Sub-Committee). Valid and invalid grounds for appeal are set out in Section 1.2 and 1.3 of the Procedures.

A complaint arises from a specific concern about the adequacy or quality of the provision of a programme of study or related academic service. Where an appeal also contains a complaint, the complaint may need to be considered separately under the Complaints Handling Procedure, which excludes reconsidering and changing academic or progression decisions.


The academic appeals process provides a route for students to seek a review of their academic progression decision.


Key principles are that:

Academic progressions decisions should be defensible, fair and consistent.

Any student seeking a review of their progression decision will be counselled by a senior member of academic staff (normally the relevant Academic Curriculum Manager or School Research Degree representative) and the reasons for the original decision will be explained.

If the student submits a formal appeal the evidence will be considered by the Student Progress Panel (SPP) and its original decision reviewed.

If the SPP rejects the appeal the student can appeal to the Academic Appeals Panel (AAP) on the grounds of a clearly identified procedural irregularity or significant new evidence not previously available.

If the AAP accepts the grounds for appeal are valid the student will be expected to attend a meeting of the AAP and may be accompanied by another member of the University community.

If the student is unable to attend, in exceptional circumstances the student may be represented by a member of the University community.

The AAP will include a senior academic member of Senate (as Chair), two senior members of academic staff, and a student representative.

AAP members from the same School as the student will be required to withdraw from the Panel during its discussions of the relevant evidence.

The AAP may identify cause for concern in a given case which will be reported directly to a member of the Executive for action as necessary.

The following guidance sets out how the purpose and principles will operate in practice.

If any perceived conflict is identified, this should be brought to the attention of the Registrar.

Grounds for an Academic Appeal

PleaseĀ download the Academic Appeals Form, and follow the instructions. If you need a copy of this form in a more accessible format, please email Kimberley Grahame.