8.9 Human resources

This category covers information on the institution's strategy and management of human resources, rather than information relating to individual members of staff (please note that such information is exempt from disclosure as personal information, under section 38 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland ) Act 2002 and under equivalent provisions of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004).

The information available covers Personnel policies and procedures (including terms and conditions of service and all current versions of the information specified in each class.

Access to online information is free. For other costs please see the charging policy.

1. Staff profile

Statistical information on staff.

Information about academic staff is available in the pages for each academic School.

Information relating to staff numbers can be obtained from the University's Annual Accounts.‌

You may also find useful information on the page on Equality and Diversity.

Other information relating to staffing profiles may be obtainable by making a request to:

Freedom of Information, Academic Registry, Abertay University, Bell Street, Dundee, Scotland DD1 1HG

Telephone: 01382 308000

Email: foi@abertay.ac.uk

2. Recruitment policies

Policies, statements, procedures and guidelines relating to recruitment.

Information is available on the following pages: Jobs and Working at Abertay.

3. Employment terms

Generic terms and conditions of employment.

Please visit the Working at Abertay page linked above.

4. Performance management

Policies and procedures relating to performance management.

Please visit the Working at Abertay and Policies and Procedures pages linked above.

5. Promotion

Policies, statements, procedures, guidelines and statistics relating to promotion, regrading and salary reviews.

Please visit the Working at Abertay and Policies and Procedures pages page linked above.

6. Pensions

Policies and guidelines on pension arrangements for staff.

Please visit the pages for each individual pension scheme. Links are provided below.

Local Government Pension Scheme LGPS

An information leaflet and further information are available from the Pension Section of Dundee City Council. The scheme covers all support staff of the University including teaching assistants, project research staff, administrative, clerical and technical staff etc.

Please visit the Tayside Pension Fund page.

Scottish Teachers Superannuation Scheme SPSS

The scheme covers all academic staff of the University. Please visit the Scheme's page.

We also allow any new staff who are already members of Universities Superannuation Scheme from their previous employment to continue their membership if they wish to do so. Please visit the Scheme's page: https://www.uss.co.uk/

7. Discipline

Disciplinary procedures and policies.

Please visit the page on linked above on Policies and Procedures.

8. Grievance

Grievance procedures and policies.

Please visit the page linked above on Policies and Procedures.

9. Employee relations

Collective bargaining and consultation procedures with recognised trades unions and professional organisations, and agreements reached.

The University recognises the University and College Union (UCU), and Unite for collective bargaining purposes and has in place a formal liaison group which enables it to meet with the recognised trade unions on a regular basis for consultative purposes.

For information, please contact foi@abertay.ac.uk. Otherwise, please contact HR@abertay for advice or to discuss HR, collective bargaining, or other general employment-related matters.

10. Public interest disclosure

Information required for compliance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act.

The University has in place a policy to enable concerns to be raised in terms of the Public Interest Disclosure Act: Public Interest Disclosure Policy

11. Staff development

Policies and procedures relating to the ongoing development of staff.

Please visit the page on Learning and Development.

12. Staff records

The institution's policy on the collection, maintenance and use of personal information about staff.

Please visit the Working at Abertay and Policies and Procedures pages linked above, and the Data Protection Policy.

13. Staff facilities

Description of the facilities and services available to members of staff.

Please visit the Working at Abertay and Policies and Procedures pages linked above. For other facilities, please visit this page.