8.3 Governance

This category covers information relating to the way the institution is governed and how decisions are made. It includes information on the legal status of the institution, which individual member of staff or group within the organisation is responsible for specific functions and where they fit in the overall structure of the organisation.

Access to online information is free. For other costs, please see the Publication Scheme page containing the University's charging policy.

  1. Legal framework
  2. Governance structure
  3. Governance precepts
  4. Conflict of interests
  5. Register of interests
  6. Institutional structure
  7. Major committees
  8. Relationship with the General Council
  9. General Council
  10. Subsidiary companies
  11. Honorary degrees

2. Governance structure

The institution's governance structures and related operational procedures.

The University's governance structures are set out in The Abertay University (Scotland) Order of Council 2019, which also sets out arrangements for the appointment of members to those bodies.

Current membership of Court and Court Committees

Court standing orders

Information on the University Court is available here. Information about members and the register of interests is available here. Standing orders and other information is available here. The page for Court minutes is here.

Otherwise, information requests should be directed to the contact details below:

Freedom of Information, Governance Office, Abertay University, Bell Street, Dundee, Scotland DD1 1HG

Telephone: 01382 308000

Email: foi@abertay.ac.uk

Membership of Senate

Members of Court

3. Governance precepts

The institution's arrangements for compliance with good governance precepts.

For court performance indicators: please visit the link above. For other information, including information about audit, please see here. For information on reviewing the effectiveness of Court, please see here

The University's Strategic Plan includes information on performance indicators and is available from the University's Corporate Information page. For further information about this and other Universities, please visit these pages: Scottish Funding Council; Higher Education Statistics Agency; and Quality Assurance Agency for Scotland.

The University's policy on events with external speakers is available below.

Abertay University Policy and Procedures on events with external speakers

Otherwise, please request information to the contact details above.

4. Conflict of interests and other policies

The institution's conflict of interests and other policies.

Please visit the pages about University Court and about working at Abertay University. The University's Financial Regulations are available here.

5. Register of interests

Institutional register of interests for members of the governing body: please visit the pages for the University Court.

6. Institutional structure and management

A description of the institution's major organisational units and how these relate to each other.

Please visit the pages on Management and structure and the pages for Court. Organisational and senior management diagrams are available below.

  • University Organisational Structure Diagram
  • Senior Management Diagram

In addition, please visit the relevant School or Graduate School.

7. Major committees

The activities of major committees with devolved decision-making powers.

For information relating to University Court, please visit this page and the links above. Otherwise, information relating to other major committees can be requested by directing an information request to the contact details above. However, please note that personal data (and possibly other information) may need to be redacted from these documents, so it may take some time to respond to a request.

8. Relationship with the General Council

The legal and structural basis of the institution's relationship with its General Council (or similar statutory bodies representing its graduates).

Abertay University does not have a General Council (or analogous body) within its governance structure.

9. General Council

Information on the operation and activities of the General Council.

Abertay University does not have a General Council (or analogous body) within its governance structure.

10. Subsidiary companies

Information on the names, addresses, broad functions and purposes of companies where the institution is a majority shareholder.

The University owns the following subsidiary companies.

Please click on each link below to find out about the categories of information which the Scottish Information Commissioner requires, under the Model Publication Scheme, to be published.

The information which the University has published about these companies (which are dormant) is available here: Abertay University-owned Companies.

11. Honorary degrees

Policies, procedures and awards of honorary degrees.

For news and information about graduation, please visit the page for News and Events. Other information about graduation is available here.

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