8.18 Government and regulator relations

This category covers information the institution provides to government and external regulators and information provided to the Scottish Funding Council for monitoring purposes. By virtue of its nature most institutions will probably find that the majority of these classes are already made available to the public by some means. Members of the public are also likely to find the same or related information is available from the external partners the institution has links with.

Access to online information is free. For other costs please see the page containing the University's charging policy.

1. Funding body statistical reports and returns

Information that the institution is legally obliged to make available to its funding body.

For FTE allocations for Scottish Funding Council funded categories - as contained in main grant letter and other information: please refer to the Scottish Funding Council's page on Funding & Outcomes, and the Scottish Funding Council's other pages, which contain various reports.

2. Other statutory reports

Information which the University is legally required to publish.

Please refer to the environmental data which is available under the Publication Scheme's category of Physical Resources.

Enhancement-Led Institutional Review of the University is undertaken by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education ('QAA'). For its report, please refer to the page on Teaching Quality. The QAA's page is here, and its website includes reports on individual Universities.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency's website contains a large amount of statistical information/performance indicators about the Higher Education sector and for individual Universities.

3. Information on student admission, progression and completion

Statistical information on these matters which the institution is required by the Funding Council to publish.

Please refer to the links above to the Scottish Funding Council, and also to:

HESA - includes free information published from institutional returns to HESA.

Please refer to the Unistats website.

Otherwise, please make a request for information to foi@abertay.ac.uk. However, please note that where information is already publicly available, it need not be made available in response to a Freedom of Information request, in terms of section 25(1) or 25(3) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

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