8.1 General information

This category covers general information about how to make contact with the institution. It includes information about how to complain about the institution, and how to serve formal documents on it. It is aimed at providing very general information for the public. More detailed information will be provided in other categories.

Access to online information is free. For other costs please see the charging policy in the Guide to Information available through the Model Publication Scheme.

1. Name and address

Abertay University: for address and contact details, please visit the 'Contact Us' page. The University offices are open during normal office hours (but certain facilities are available for longer hours).

2. Principal officers

Names of the principal officers of the institution. For example: Principal, Vice-Principals, Heads of Schools, Secretary, Directors of major administrative functions.

Further information about senior managers is available on the Senior Management page.

Title Name Email Address
Principal & Vice-Chancellor Professor Liz Bacon


Deputy Principal & Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Alastair Irons a.irons@abertay.ac.uk
Vice Principal (Strategy and Governance) and University Secretary Ms Caroline Summers c.summers@abertay.ac.uk
Dean of International and UK Partnerships  Ms Claire MacEachen c.maceachen@abertay.ac.uk
Dean of Research & Graduate School Professor Nia White
Dean of School - Business, Law &Social Science Professor Mohamed Branine m.branine@abertay.ac.uk
Dean of School - Applied Sciences Ms Andrea Cameron a.cameron@abertay.ac.uk
Dean of School - Design & Informatics Professor James Bown j.bown@abertay.ac.uk
Dean of Teaching & Learning - AbLE Academy Dr Luke Millard l.millard@abertay.ac.uk
Director of External & Corporate Relations Ms Jackie Mckenzie j.mckenzie@abertay.ac.uk
Director of Finance, Infrastructure & Corporate Services Mr Gordon Weir


Director of People Services Ms Eilidh Fraser e.fraser@abertay.ac.uk
Director of Student & Academic Services Mr James Nicholson j.nicholson@abertay.ac.uk

3. Contact information

Information on how to contact the institution:

Please visit the Contact Us page.

For other contact details, including the Support Enquiry Zone for students' queries, please visit this page.

4. Location

Information on the institution's main locations, including how to find the University.

5. Opening hours

The University's normal hours of business are 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday.

If you require to talk with someone in an emergency, please call the University's Security Office on +44 (0)1382 308008, which is staffed 24 hours.

6. Academic year dates

Information on the dates of the institution's academic years

Please visit the page for the The Abertay Learning Experience or the page for the Academic calendar.

Otherwise, please visit the Student Support and Services page, which includes information about the Support Enquiry Zone, or please contact your own School or Service in the University direct for this information.

7. Holidays

Dates of closure of the institution

Please visit the pages listed above for the Academic year dates.

Otherwise, please contact the Support Enquiry Zone in the Library (linked above), or your School or Service in the University, for this information.

8. Appeals & Complaints

Procedures on how to complain about the institution

Information for students about making an academic appeal is available here.

Members of the public and students wishing to make a complaint about the University should visit the University's complaints page.

Complaints by staff usually fall within the staff grievance procedure which is operated by Human Resources. For further information on this procedure, please visit the Human Resources page and contact HR directly if you are a member of staff who wishes to raise a grievance.

9. Document serving

Contact details for serving legal documents on the institution, e.g. Court Orders:

Abertay University, Bell Street, Dundee, Scotland DD1 1HG

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