Division of Law

Our Law degree is in the top ten of all 179 UK universities.

Many universities offer a law degree. What’s so special about Abertay?

We’re a small University. We only accept about 80 students a year. This means we know our students.  We care about you, and it’s our job to educate you the best we can.  And we do it well. According to the National Student Survey, out of the 120 UK law schools, we have remained in the top 15 for the quality of the student experience.

The Abertay LLB is very practical.

You will be doing presentations from your first term onwards. You learn public speaking skills early. You’ll be expected to draft legal documents and to think about every word you use. We know there is a lot to learn, and our experienced staff will help you.

Our LLB is accredited with the Law Society of Scotland, and the Faculty of Advocates. You may go on to post-graduate level and become a solicitor in Scotland, or after more exams, become an advocate.  If you choose another field, our law degree gives you skills that are highly prized, whatever your career. We give you the legal expertise you need to make practical use of your degree.

Employers are keen to snap up articulate, literate and well-informed students. That’s exactly what you will be by the time you graduate.

Headshot of Annelize McKay, Head of Law, Abertay University

Study with us

Undergraduate Degrees

Postgraduate Taught Degrees

We currently do not offer any postgraduate taught programmes.

If you are interested in studying Law at postgraduate level, we recommend reviewing our Postgraduate Research section as a great alternative way to get a postgraduate qualification.

Postgraduate Research Areas

Please see below for the our areas of research focus in this Division.

Or, if you are looking for something specific, visit the full list of research opportunities in our course list.


You will be working in a fantastic environment. Our teaching takes place in a grade two heritage listed building. Opened in 1909, it was originally Dundee Technical College & School of Art and is the oldest part of the University. Students have studied here for over 100 years, inspired to learn by the history and charm of their surroundings.

Our Research

The Law Division has a research profile that looks both at law as an academic discipline, searching for justice, fairness, clarity and consistency across most areas of human activity, and as a means of interacting with the wider economic, political and social world. In particular, it focusses on the reconciliation of technological developments with societal norms.

Our research portfolio is focused on a range of jurisdictions including Scottish, EU, non-European and Overseas Development Aid countries.

We engage with a range of regional, national and transnational stakeholders to achieve impact, through changes to policy, practice and laws.

Law contributes to the Security, Equality & Social Justice Challenge Space.

Transnational/International Criminal law

Focus is on transnational law enforcement generally, and trafficking in human beings in particular. Post-Brexit, the focus has shifted to the changing legal relationship of the UK/Scotland with the EU in the policy area, and the responses of the UK/Scotland to this changing situation. A particular focus is on trafficking in human beings from a transnational, EU and UK perspective. These are concerns shared not just in the UK but elsewhere in the developed world, and international agreements and co-operation is required to minimise the potential for criminality in this area. Research has resulted in publications, external engagement, knowledge exchange and consultancy. Research outputs include for example, ‘Constructivism, constitutionalism and the EU's area of freedom security and justice post-Lisbon’.

Law and Society

Focus is on in intellectual property (IP) law and its impact on access rights for people with disabilities, medical law, bioethics and reproductive rights, which has led to nascent synergies in the area of ethical reproductive rights and employment law research.


Job Opportunities

For Job Openings, including Research Fellowships, in our School view the job search section on our website.

For PhD Studentships in any of our Subject areas, check out the Funded research projects and Postgraduate Research Funding sections.

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