Division of Accounting, Business and Management

Our courses deliver all aspects of business learning from management to marketing, HR to accounting.

About us

We prepare you for the world of work. Where the pressures – and the rewards – can be enormous.  We deliver all aspects of business learning including financial planning and decision-making. 

Our aim is to train you thoroughly for the challenges and opportunities you come across in your business career. Choose from Accounting and Finance, or Business Management, Marketing or Human Resources.

Studying with us can take you into graduate fast-track management schemes, giving you management roles in a few short years. By contrast, you may become an entrepreneur, and start up your own business or even decide to go freelance. If further study is the route for you, we have several ways for you to advance.  We help you solve problems, make decisions and feel empowered.

Whatever you choose, the skills you learn will help you adapt quickly to your work environment, and contribute from the very start. When you leave us, we want you to lead and grow in your chosen field. Everything we do has been created with employment in mind.

Interim Head of Division

Dr Gonzalo Forgues-Puccio

Headshot of Dr Gonzalo Forgues Puccio


You will be working in a fantastic environment. Our teaching takes place in a grade two heritage listed building. Opened in 1909, it was originally Dundee Technical College & School of Art and is the oldest part of the University. Students have studied here for over 100 years, inspired to learn by the history and charm of their surroundings.

Our Research

The Division has an interdisciplinary research profile spanning three primary subject areas human resource management, enterprise and entrepreneurship, and marketing. It also extends to cognate areas.

The work of the Division primarily relates to the University's Creative Industries & Cultural Vitality and Sustainable Development & Inclusive Living Challenge Spaces.


Research in energy is our main strength and we continue to build our capacity around this topic.

Our research focuses on a diverse array of areas, such as renewable energy accounting and finance; carbon accounting; oil and gas accounting; social and environmental accounting; and energy security.


Our research in accounting has been traditionally linked to the energy sector. We also have expertise in other areas of accounting, such as human resource valuation, performance measurement and accounting as a social practice.


Our newest research group is focussed on investment biases, corporate governance, ownership structure, stock return anomalies and real estate investment.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management research explores graduate recruitment and labour market trends in a comparative context; talent management, managing diversity and flexible working practices; environmental awareness in the workplace; job creation and social inclusion; and employees' response to organisational change, psychological contract and the work lives of foreign-born employees within academia.


The Marketing team is engaged in contemporary issues that relate to disciplinary aspects of both professional practice and academic research. 

Current research themes cover:  Marketing and social media; Brand development and identity; Ethical Marketing; Developments in consumer identities; Digital media; Sustainable Development and Marketing; Consumer buying behaviour and Sports Marketing.

Business Management

The Business Management team is engaged in contemporary issues that relate to disciplinary aspects of both professional practice and academic research. 

The current themes include:  Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Public Private Partnerships; International Business and emerging economies; Global Competitiveness; New Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship; Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business Development.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the inter-disciplinary focus of the Division of Accounting Business and Management. 

It is essentially about the future of work and society.  Emerging themes for research are: Operations Management and the Fourth Industrial Revolution; Digital and Social Media; Morality in a Digital Environment; Human Capital Development; Agile Technologies and Organisation Performance; Digital Economies and Society; Technology and Digitisation.

Job Opportunities

For Job Openings, including Research Fellowships, in our School view job search section on our website.

For PhD Studentships in any of our Subject areas check our Funded research projects and Postgraduate Research Funding sections on our website.

Professor Liz Bacon And Dr Abi Abubaker Al Maktoum Standing
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Dundee higher education partners launch ‘green’ business and law courses 

Abertay University and Al Maktoum College of Higher Education partner on new...

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Abertay students helps solve sustainability challenges

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Abertay students partner with US college on Heineken challenge

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Student who left school with no Highers awarded law scholarship

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Positive impact for police officers equipped with mobile devices

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Project to explore using VR, apps and videogames to tackle loneliness

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