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Tayside Centre for Counselling

The Tayside Centre for Counselling (TCC) offers free one-to-one counselling for people facing a range of issues.

The TCC is research active, so clients who attend agree to be part of a research project which aims to explore the ways in which counselling can help those experiencing emotional and psychological problems.


What is counselling?

Counselling comes in different forms, but generally involves two people having an honest conversation with the aim of resolving a problem - or problems - that one of them is experiencing.

Counsellors are trained to offer clients a different way of understanding their problems, and also to offer different ways in which problems can be addressed.

How do I get an appointment?

Clients can self-refer or ask their GP to make contact with us. The best way is to email

What kinds of things does counselling help with?

  •  emotional problems e.g. sadness, depression, stress, anxiety, anger management
  •  relationship problems e.g. marriage and separation, family and parenting issues
  •  bereavement
  •  addictions   

However, each client is unique, and sometimes the problems that bring a client to counselling do not fit with a category or description. It is a good idea to start by thinking about whether talking to someone might help. If you decide to come for counselling, a counsellor will work hard to find ways forward that suit you as an individual.

How long does it last?

Usually counselling involves an hour-long session every week, but this can be varied according to your need. We try and offer as many sessions as you require, and the duration of your attendance will be discussed with your counsellor during therapy.

Can I choose my counsellor?

Usually you will have an initial meeting with one of the staff at TCC, and they will ask about your preferences for a counsellor, e.g. male or female. They will try and arrange that you see someone who is best suited to your needs. If at any time you feel unhappy with the help you are receiving, or you wish to change your counsellor, this can be discussed.

What does the research involve?

The TCC is a base for research into the things that make counselling work and the things that clients find most helpful in therapy. As a research client you would agree to filling in forms to report on your mood and the things which you find helpful or unhelpful in therapy. Your sessions will also be audio-recorded. All data are maintained with strict confidentiality boundaries, and your choice to become a client at the TCC will involve an initial meeting to make sure you understand and are happy with what is involved. If, after this meeting, you decide you do not want to continue with counselling there is no obligation to do do, and we will endeavour give you alternative channels to seek help.

Current projects at Tayside Centre for Counselling

Counselling for diabetes: this project is looking at how diagnosis and management of diabetes can make things harder for people in terms of everyday living.  Clients are welcome whether or not problems are related to their diabetes. In particular we are looking for adults between 18-25.

Counselling for sight-loss: this programme is building on a body of research which has established specific and individual needs for people transitioning to, or currently experiencing, sight-loss. The project welcomes clients from all walks of life.

Client Information Sheet

Key Facts Sheet

First Session Sheet