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Our Psychology Laboratories

Our Psychology Laboratories are equipped with high-end PCs and appropriate software (Genemapper, E-prime, Superlab, N-Vivo, Paradigm, SPSS, Observer XT, PsychoPy etc). All of which is available for business use.  For more information and to work with us, please contact

This includes:

  • A speech Lab with anechoic chamber.

  • A communications Lab with remote controlled CCTV cameras.

  • A vision Lab with SMI 3.0 Eye View Eye-movement recorder and SMI Eye View X HED Eye-Tracker.

  • A biological Psycholoy Lab with Galvanic Skin Response Equipment and software, BioHarness Telemetry System with LabChart.

  • A neuroscience Lab with tCDS and Wireless EEG (EMOTIVE).

To work with us, or for more information, please contact

A student participating in a perception study

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