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When you work with us, you're in good hands

Our £3.5 million facilities are exceptional and the only ones of their type in Scotland. Our staff have won awards that recognise their work with business, which in turn drives innovation and growth. 

But when you work with us, you're also helping the next generation of innovators, as well as developing your future workforce.

Students are at the heart of Abertay University. Bringing your business to our campus helps us create brand-new technological advances, as well as develop skilled people with the knowledge to work with them.

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Our Facilities

Use our ISO9000 world leading sensory and consumer science laboratory to really enhance your food business.

Fully food-standard production/pilot plant: 

Our plant facilities allow you to develop new products and refine productions processes so that you can get to market faster.

UHT and Pasteurisation with inline homogenisation & sterile filling:

Prolong the storage time of food products and extend shelf life in a controlled setting.

Retort/commercial sterilisation of foods: 

Retort sterilisation provides safe, effective shelf stability. It can reduce cook times, save energy and maintain food quality across a range of packaging options including pouches and trays.

Freeze drying:

Prepare and preserve ingredients using our driers.

Spray drying:

Produce dry powder from a liquid by rapidly drying with a hot gas, ideal if your product is sensitive to temperature or you need a consistent particle size.

Small scale brewing: 

Pilot recipes and processes in our lab.

Packaging – vacuum and tray sealing (including MAP):

Improve your packaging and presentation by using our vacuum tray sealer systems with gas injection, also known at MAP tray sealing. Avoid over processing, reduction in quality and loss of nutrients.

High shear mixing:

Use our Silverson mixer to reduce production times, mix powder and liquid, produce stable emulsions, dissolve sugar, disintegrate solids, blend liquids of different viscosities or disperse and hydrate gums, thickeners and stabilizers.

Texture analysis:

Test the physical properties of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and other consumer products.

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