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Establishing facts, solving puzzles in sport

Sport is under attack from a range of corrupting forces, such as doping, gambling, and match fixing. These issues are threatening sport globally. 

Sports Forensic is a new field of knowledge. It helps organisations uncover irregularities and maintain the highest standards of behaviour, using an innovative forensic audit framework. ​

Sports Forensic is co-ordinated by Professor David Lavallee here at Abertay University, working with partners such as Police Scotland, KPMG and INTERPOL. 

"I am delighted to support the Sports Forensic Research programme, the first in the world focused on supporting sporting organisations to achieve the highest levels of integrity…Throughout the last few years and across the world there has been a growing understanding of how sport is affected by criminals involved in serious organised crime. Police Scotland welcomes the opportunity to work with academia to improve our collective knowledge of the risk of serious organised crime in sport."  Assistant Chief Constable Pat Campbell, Police Scotland: Organised Crime, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence 

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We need to increase young people’s awareness of Serious Organised Crime in sport so we can help to protect them.

Watch 'The Fix'* here to find out more.

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*Produced in collaboration with Police Scotland.

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What is Sports Forensic?

Sports Forensic combines a forensic audit approach with sophisticated technology. This method exposes behaviours that break rules or regulations, do not meet with expectations, or are simply illegal. 

Sports Forensic gives sports organisations in critical situations new tools to prevent, detect and respond to fraud and misconduct.

These tools boost the positive behaviours, and help minimise and prevent any mistreatment before it ever happens.

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The Sport Corruption Barometer

The 2021 Sport Corruption Barometer provides an annual analysis of the latest trends and patterns of criminal activity in sport. 

Developed between Abertay University and INTERPOL, it covers many areas of sport fraud such as result manipulation, bribery and doping. 

2021 saw a 50% increase in investigations across a variety of sports - from e-sports to football, ice hockey to horse racing.

Download the 2021 Sport Corruption Barometer here.

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The world's first Sports Forensic degree

Abertay's Sports Forensic Research Programme is the world’s first research degree in this brand new area of knowledge.

This programme applies a forensic approach to sport corruption, examining the hidden negative factors within sports and other stakeholder organisations, in order to help correct them.

Find out more about Abertay's Sports Forensic Research degree.

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Work with us: Consultancy

Fraud and misconduct can have profoundly negative consequences across all sports.  This means that many of the old ways of operating are no longer effective.

We can help you via consultancy and forensic projects.

Sports Forensic helps organisations detect, respond to, resolve and prevent behaviour that does not comply with expectations and regulations.

We design tools to help leadership and management in critical situations fix their issues. These tools bring about new ways of working, and help organisations sustain those capabilities.  

Contact us by email to find out how we can help you.

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Our Partners

We have partnered with INTERPOL, Police Scotland and KPMG through the Sports Forensic project. Please contact us to become part of this innovative response to a global threat to sport.

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