Sports IntegriTay
Welfare and wellbeing in sport

Our students have created free resources to help sports organisations like yours meet their duty of care. 

It's crucial that all participants in sport feel safe and included. But sometimes they feel threatened or excluded, often because of their background, age, sexual orientation or ability. Our aim is to help sports organisations remove those barriers, so we have created Sports IntegriTay

Abertay has a great deal of expertise in welfare and wellbeing in sportThe appointment of David Lavallee, the world's first Professor of Duty of Care in Sport clearly demonstrates our commitment to this area, and it is now an integral part of all of our sports degrees. Our work in this area has been commended in a House of Commons Debate on Sport in the UK.

Practically, our research has been translated into innovative solutions. For example, we have created an easy-to-use tool called The Sport Census, designed to improve sport recruitment, retention and sustainability.

Through the help of our enterprise centre, Bell Street Ventures, students and former students can undertake consultancy work with businesses and organisations like yours who need their expertise.

Find out more and download the free resources at the bottom of this page.

Putting People First

The most crucial aspect of sport is the people involved in it.

This covers a very wide range - from people participating at a grassroots level to elite athletes, sports coaches and watching as a parent or fan, volunteering as an official or referee, working as an administrator or sport scientist. 

However, as highlighted in Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson's Sport Duty of Care Review, sport needs to ensure that the wellbeing of it's people is always placed at it's core. Sports wide-ranging benefits include:

  • Physical well-being
  • Mental well-being
  • Individual development
  • Social and community development
  • Economic development

What is Sports IntegriTay about?

Sports IntegriTay is a free set of resources created by our students to help support sports organisations. 

These are free and cover many issues:

  1. Safeguarding
  2. Equality, diversity and inclusion
  3. Safety, injury and medical
  4. Transition
  5. Mental health
  6. Representation of the participant’s voice
  7. Education

Through the support of Bell Street Ventures, students and alumni can take on consultancy work with businesses and organisations like yours who need their expertise. We have also provided LinkedIn details of our students, and former students, so you can contact them for further work. 

Sports IntegriTay is supported through a User Liaison Group made up of people from across the sport sector who help curate the student resources.

Why work with our students?

Abertay students are dynamic and forward looking.  They don't just bring academic rigour to their work, but genuine practical experience with sensible solutions in the real world.  - Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson
'Abertay's students have created an excellent set of resources, including some for athletes who may be considering retirement... a little spoken about aspect of an athletes career.  Amy Wright's resource provides excellent suggestions...for what can be a daunting decision for many, and her unique perspective as a former athlete shines through.'  - Conor Skatelum, 5-Time Irish National Figure Skating Champion
Group of people wearing football strips and holding a large bronze trophy

Resource Library

Moving on from Figure Skating: Retirement for Novice, Junior & Senior Skaters

Created by Amy Wright

BSc (Hons) Sport and Psychology

Amy's LinkedIn Profile

Download the free resource here

How Parents and Guardians can Support Dropout from Swimming

Created by Callum Walls

BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching

Callum's LinkedIn Profile

Download the free resource here

Mental Health Awareness for Coaches in Ice Hockey

Created by Christopher Anderson

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise, 2019

Christopher's LinkedIn Profile

Download the free resource here

Supporting Children in Sport and Education

Created by Nicole Carter

BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching

Nicole's LinkedIn Profile

Download the free resource here

Disabled Athletes Career Transition in Swimming

Created by Vicky Miller

BA (Hons) Sport and Management 2019

Vicky's LinkedIn profile

Download the free resource here

The Effects of Youth Drop-out in Athletics: A Guide for Parents

Created by Caragh Park

BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching

Caragh's LinkedIn Profile

Download the free resource here

Raising Awareness of Mental Health for Elite Rugby Players

Created by Katie Stopper

BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching, 2019.

Download the free resource here

5 Top Tips for Coaches on Deselection for Young Elite Footballers

Created by Michael Craig

BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching, 2019

Michael's LinkedIn Profile

Download the free resource here


Eating Disorders In Gymnastics - A Coaches Guide

Created by Samantha Guild

BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching, 2019

Samantha's LinkedIn Profile

Download the free resource here

Safety and Supporting Techniques for Gymnastic Coaches

Created by Nina Revell

BSc (Hons) Physical Activity and Health, 2019

Nina's LinkedIn Profile

Download the free resource here