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Here is a brief list of what's available in our analytical and biological sciences laboratories.

This equipment is available for business use, and we are also happy to develop collaborations.  

For more information or to work with us, please contact

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Our analytical & biological science laboratories

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

  • GC with flame ionization detector.


  • GCMS equipped with headspace and SPME and a purge and trap unit.

  • HPLCs with a variety of detectors.

  • Ion chromatography and spectrophotometers.

  • An Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) can be used for nano-scale surface analysis and 3D visualisation.

  • A Dynamic Tensiometer can be used for liquid surface tension analysis.

student in lab with large equipment

Our molecular and microbiology laboratories

  • Standard PCR machines and electrophoresis rigs. 

  • 96 well qPCR machine and nanodrop machines.

  • iBlot and GBox imager for targetted gene expression and protein studies.

  • A range of incubation facilities that include small-scale microbial fermenters.

student in lab with microscope

Our Forensic Science facilities

  • Specialized crime scene simulation areas (Rankin House suite and Bank of Scotland branch).

  • Analytical laboratories in which illegal and counterfeit drugs can be tested.

  • A Stereoscopic microscope to allow comparative analyses.

  • Fingerprint development and visualisation is supported by a Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) and Fluorescent Powder Diffusion apparatus and Quaser Imager.

  • A range of light and fluorescent microscopes, AFM, Quaser and GBox imagers.

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