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The Emergent Technology Centre (ETC) comprises five specialist labs and studios that can be used for creative practice, research, and knowledge exchange activities, as well as events and specialist teaching or training. 

The primary purpose of the ETC is to provide a collaborative facility for research and practice, centred on novel digital technologies. This includes:

  • Software applications and approaches, such as game engines and visualisation tools.
  • Hardware innovations, such as new screen and projection technologies, game controllers.
  • User input devices, and assistive technology.
  • Digital and physical prototyping, such as photogrammetry and 3D printing.
  • Connected technology, such as 5G and online platforms. 

Activity within the ETC draws on the expertise of the School of Design and Informatics, with academic researchers from the Divisions of: 

  • Cybersecurity 
  • Games & Arts 
  • Game Technology & Mathematics  

Research and knowledge exchange activities hosted by ETC can involve academics, students, industry partners, and other stakeholders working both within and across the following connected labs and studios: 

  • Development Studio: A configurable collaborative working space for artists, designers, and technologists to conceive and rapidly prototype digital and physical prototypes. 
  • Visual Design Studio: A light-controlled art studio for concept designers, illustrators, animators, and 3D artists to develop production art. 
  • Usability Lab: A research lab equipped with cameras, microphones, and an observation room that is used for UX research, product testing, and audience research. 
  • XR Lab: A large configurable lab that can be used for multi-user, room-scale immersive experience design, including applications of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. 
  • Student Project Lab: A dedicated lab for student projects linked to research and knowledge exchange hosted by the ETC. 

For more information and to work with us, please contact business@abertay.ac.uk

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