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Abertay cyberQuarter

The Abertay cyberQuarter is a new £18m cybersecurity research and development centre housed within Abertay University.

This initiative brings together students, academics, and organisations to help solve global cybersecurity challenges.

The cyberQuarter aims to:

  • Increase technical problem solving for industry

  • Increase industry-academia interaction and collaboration

  • Increase access to cyber employment opportunities in the area

With a worldwide shortage of cybersecurity skills, we are offering businesses access to new talent, as well as giving real-world experience to our students. This is especially relevant if you are keen to recruit our Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity graduates or from our partner colleges and other upskilling/reskilling initiatives.

The centre will be available to work with businesses across all sectors, raising awareness of cybersecurity and developing fit for purpose cybersecurity solutions while continuously developing the skills of students and professionals.

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Female Ethical Hacking student Cheryl Torano

What is the cyberQuarter?

The cyberQuarter is the perfect platform for tech businesses to work together to solve existing and emerging problems, brilliantly supported by some of the best minds in industry and Scottish universities.

The CyberQuarter will be housed within an existing Abertay University building and will offer:

  • A physical space: for collaboration and experimentation using digital tools and technologies.

  • A secure cloud-computing infrastructure: for specialist online teaching and learning, and a digital provision of R&D and knowledge-exchange activities.

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How can I/my business get involved?

We have various levels of affordable subscription packages available.

We are particularly keen to gain founding partners. This is a special membership for companies who sign up in 2022/23. As well as working with our amazing students and academics, the founding partner subscription includes co-working and collaboration spaces, as well as representation on our industry steering group. We want our partners and users to have a real say in how we operate and our future research

This is your chance to get in with the bricks, to connect with key stakeholders and to contribute to our thinking as we get underway.  If you need dedicated office space as part of your membership, we can create a bespoke package just for you.

If you know of businesses/organisations that would like to engage with the cyberQuarter, or would like to discuss the cybersecurity expertise to be delivered by the centre, please contact Cheryl Torano: c.torano@abertay.ac.uk

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When will it be launched?

We are refurbishing an existing building to create four floors with different spaces. Refurbishment work started in summer 2021, and we hope to be open for business by April 2022.

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What will it look like?

There will be a mix of shared and private workspaces within a physically and digitally secure setting, combined with amenities for meetings and events. 

The cyberQuarter will operate over four floors of the building. This ranges from open plan, collaborative areas to private office accommodation for single occupancy, as well as seminar rooms for training and CPD delivery. Additionally, there will a large events area, that includes an outdoor terrace and a cinema.

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Who can use the cyberQuarter?

  • Organisations who want to work with us on R&D projects

  • Businesses requiring knowledge exchange activities such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships or contract research

  • Large employers who need a touchdown spot for locally based employees.

  • Cyber security start-ups and scale-ups

  • Satellite offices for companies of any size who need a Scottish or Tay Cities regional base

  • Employers keen to relocate to Dundee to take advantage of our tech ecosystem and ready supply of local talent

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Join us and become part of the cyberQuarter community

The cyberQuarter is more than just a building: it’s a community of individuals and organisations who are trying to make the virtual world more secure.
With our know-how, creativity and innovation, we will build fairness, inclusion and economic growth as we go. However large or small your organisation or requirements, come and discuss your needs with us - we really want this community to grow. 

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Contact us to find out more

To join our exciting new venture or find out more, get in touch with Cheryl Torano: c.torano@abertay.ac.uk.  

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More information

December 2020: Abertay University named UK Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security

About the Division of Cyber Security

The Tay Cities Deal is a partnership between local, Scottish and UK governments and the private, academic and voluntary sectors which seeks to create a smarter and fairer Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross under the headings Inclusive Tay; Innovative Tay; International Tay; Connected Tay and An Empowered Tay.

In total, the 26 projects submitted require investment of £700 million of which £300 million over 10 years is being put in by the UK Government and Scottish Government, subject to final approval of robust business cases.

If every project and programme set out in the submission is funded and delivered, up to 6,000 job opportunities could be created across the tourism, food and drink, creative industries, eco innovation, digital, decommissioning, engineering, biomedical and health and care sectors.

Project supported with funding provided by Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government under The Strategic Framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland.

Project supported with funding provided by Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government under The Strategic Framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland

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