Tina Robertson

Admissions Officer

Tina Robertson

Abertay Admissions Officer Tina is one determined woman. Despite grieving the loss of her beloved mum, Tina has taken on a gruelling 1,000-mile running challenge to thank those who helped care for her. Tina’s mum Christine Roberts died in November after a short battle with cancer, aged just 57.

Tina is now raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and for Ward 32 at Ninewells, where Christine was cared for. The demanding challenge will see Tina attempt to run 1,000 miles before the year is out – juggling this around a full-time job, two children and a husband working shifts. She hopes to raise £1,000 and aims to complete 19 miles each week – running mainly at lunchtimes.

Tell us more about your story…

This is a mammoth challenge, but I feel I need to do a challenge which will really test me. I’ve done half marathons and 10k races before, raising money for different charities, but I’ve never done anything as big as this. I work full time, have two children with very busy after school commitments and a husband who works nightshifts. I’ll be pushing myself further than I ever have before.

But seeing the money that people are donating keeps me going – and so does the memory of my mum. Remembering the help that she received and wanting to raise money to help others get that kind of help pushes me on. It’s a tough challenge, however, I’m managing to stick to the goals I am setting each month. Some weeks are better than others but I still manage to go out most lunchtimes or at night. I’ve got great support from Carnoustie Runners and I go out with a couple of colleagues. That motivates me to keep going.

Inspired by…

My mum. She brought up five kids and was a very strong woman. I do all this remembering her strength.

Advice for young women…

I say to my daughter that if she has a dream then she needs to work hard, train hard and keep practising to get there. Focus on what you want. But if it’s not working out or you have changed your mind, that is fine, too. There’s a whole life ahead of you. Re-focus and keep going.

International Women’s Day…

Recognises that women can show strength and skills in all walks of life. Everyone should be celebrated, no matter what level they are at. Achievement can be measured in so many ways. And we all need support to get to where we want to be – that support should be celebrated, too.