Moriamo Oduyemi

Head of Corporate Information Systems

Moriamo Oduyemi

Moriamo is Head of Corporate Information Systems at Abertay. She moved to the UK from Nigeria in 1977 and was schooled in England. Moriamo has an MSc in Computer Science from Birmingham University, after achieving her first degree in Mathematical Sciences at Teeside University. She started out at a software company in Cambridge and has climbed her way up the ranks at Abertay, starting out in 1989 as an analyst programmer.

Tell us about your career…

When working for the software company in Cambridge I specialised in software for schools and universities, travelling round the country seeing young people using the software and looking for areas of improvement. I got married in Cambridge but my husband left to come to work at Abertay, so the first six months of our marriage were spent with me travelling up to Dundee. I came to Abertay in April 1989 and became pregnant with my first baby, returning to work after three months.

But I never felt held back. Abertay really nurtures your talent. I became a senior analyst programmer, combining full-time work with motherhood. There were changes at the university and IS (Information Services) was created. I became one of the information managers, responsible for corporate systems, then senior information manager and now Head of Corporate Information Systems.

I engaged in various continuous professional development activities, culminating in my qualification as a chartered member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). I think I have shown that if you work hard and are open to new ideas and to developing yourself, you can go far – and this university will support you.

Inspired by…

Michelle Obama. She is a very strong, independent woman in her own right. She is hard working and a great model to so many people.

Advice for young women…

I would encourage other women to get into IT. If you are prepared to work hard and commit to your career, you can go far. I may have some added challenges because of my race, but that is not a barrier to me either. Do not sit back and wait for something to come your way. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, or what race you are, you need to work hard.

It can be more challenging to be a working woman, but it is getting easier. Furthermore, never be afraid to ask for help. Don’t suffer burn out – know where the balance lies. It can be a struggle to survive in a man’s world, but always remember you are not the same as them. You are you. Be as successful as you can be.

International Women’s Day…

Celebrates success and is an opportunity to encourage other women along the way, which is so important. But we must always remember other women who may not be as fortunate as ourselves – be mindful of that.