Eilidh Fraser

Director of HR & Organisational Development

Overview of your current position and main responsibilities?

I am responsible for the strategic leadership of Abertay's HR function, and for taking the lead in the University's development as an organisation. I have been at Abertay since Jan 2014 and am a full-time, permanent member of staff.

What was your career path to this position and subject area?

I decided to do a post-graduate qualification in HR Management after completing my degree in Economics.  After qualifying I worked in an HR administrative role in the NHS before obtaining a junior professional role at Teesside Polytechnic as was, then successive HR roles in Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh and Abertay Universities. 

Do you feel you have a good work/life balance? Why?

Yes.  I don’t live in Dundee and I also occasionally work flexibly from home which allows me to fit in other commitments e.g. attendance at school events or to support my parents’ with health issues. I find my walk to and from the train station a very helpful mental transition from work from home. My line manager is very supportive – trusting me to manage my work and my time.  I endeavour to show the same flexibility and consideration to my team. 

Who has inspired your career?

My boss, the Director of HR, when I started work at the University of Edinburgh in 1999.  She epitomised commitment, professionalism and good leadership – encouraging and enabling me to develop my skills and career, and role modelling a positive attitude to challenges.

What career advice would your younger self have found helpful?

I would recommend Amy Cuddy’s TED talk - and recognising ‘imposter syndrome’, where people doubt their own accomplishments and abilities.  I think many people experience that – either all the time, or at times in their careers – and it can hold them back from career or development opportunities.