Carrie Mitchell

Carrie is Marketing and Media Assistant at V&A Dundee.

BA Business Management, 2018

What does your current role involve?

I’m a Marketing and Media Assistant at V&A Dundee, working within the Audiences and Media department, which is responsible for strategically building the profile and reputation of V&A Dundee, as well as driving visits and engagement. The beauty of my job is that it varies every day and I love that. As I work with both press and marketing, I have a large variety of roles within the museum. From a marketing perspective my role is supporting the delivery of marketing campaigns, coordinating the delivery of images, marketing assets, along with supporting marketing and tourism events. My role within press means I get opportunities to work with journalists, designers and external partners, supporting photography and filming opportunities, and report and analyse media coverage.

How did your Abertay degree help you get where you are?

I joined Abertay in third year through the Abertay College Transition Programme after working towards my HND Business qualification at Dundee and Angus College. Whilst I was at college, I had no intention of progressing into university, but Charlie Malone and Pat Sedakat came to the college for a talk and, within that hour, managed to change my mind. The Business Management course caught my attention and it seemed like a great opportunity for me and something that would help me build a future for myself.

The course was very engaging and interactive, you get hands on experience of what life will be like after education. During my forth year in Business Management, I worked in a team during the Innovation for Global Growth event where businesses present you with a client brief and we work together to form a solution and pitch back to a panel of executives. It was a great way to get real experience and you learn what’s required in response to business briefs from companies.

I’ve managed to achieve something I never thought I could do; hard work pays off.
Carrie Mitchell | V&A Dundee | Marketing and Media Assistant

What had the most impact on your Abertay experience?

Having the support of my friends and family and the lecturers are very supportive at Abertay. I loved my time at university and from there I’ve managed to get a job I love.

What are your lasting memories of Abertay/Dundee?

Making life-long friends through University and of course the graduation ceremony, which is something I will never forget. I’ve managed to achieve something I never thought I could do; hard work pays off.

What advice would you give to students?

Enjoy your time at university, yes it can seem daunting but at Abertay the support network available is next to none. Don’t be afraid to ask for help as the staff at Abertay are more than happy to help.

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