Roz Tippett

Roz is the HR Coordinator at The James Hutton Institute.

BSc (Hons) European Economy and Management, 2011/MSc Human Resource Management, 2014

Tell us about your job and what it involves?

As HR Coordinator at The James Hutton Institute, I deal with things like absences and performance issues and I’m also involved in HR projects, such as changes in terms and conditions.

I do payroll and I’m the first point of contact for any HR queries. It’s a varied job - no two days are the same.

How important was your Abertay degree in helping you get to where you are now?

I wouldn’t be in this job if it weren’t for my degree, I can definitely say that. I didn’t have any HR experience or HR knowledge in general to be fair!


I wouldn’t be in this job if it weren’t for my Abertay degree.
Roz Tippett | The James Hutton Institute | HR Coordinator

Did anyone or anything at the University have a particular impact on you?

The lecturers were all fantastic. The lectures themselves were just brilliant and we got a lot of hands on experience. HR people would come in and give us a taste of what they do. We might have recruitment one week and performance management another, and that was great.

What’s your lasting impression of the University?

I have great memories of Abertay. I also did my undergraduate degree there and I loved that too. When I did my postgraduate degree I felt as if I could go to my lecturers without any worries or fears. They were there to help and wanted you to do well.

Do you have any advice for our current students?

Enjoy every minute of it. I know it’s hard to do that because it can be so frantic! Speak to the lecturers if you have a problem and don’t sit around worrying about it. They WILL be able to help, and that’s something they want to do.  

What are your future aspirations?

The sky’s the limit! I want to reach the top.


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