Frank and Andrea Gremme

The only constant in business is change and studying abroad offered German couple Frank and Andrea just that.

Business Studies 1999 and 2000

How important was your Abertay degree in helping you pursue your career?

Frank: My degree was definitely a door opener for finding my first job in 1999. Studying abroad was something special and made me very interesting for employers. The international experience and knowledge of the English language have helped me throughout my professional life.

Andrea: It was very important. While today it is considered normal to complete part of your studies abroad to get some international experience and hone your English language skills, in 2000 it was something distinguished and set you apart in a good way. My studies at Abertay taught me a new approach to learning. I absorbed this concept of self-directed learning and it has become second nature. A capability that is ‘silver’ in studies but ‘gold’ in business, where the only constant is change.

What does your current job involve?

Frank: I am currently working as Digital IT Collaboration & Transformation Manager at E.ON Business Services GmbH (EBS) in Hannover, Germany. EBS is the IT function of E.ON SE, steering Group-wide IT in close cooperation with the business. EBS is headquartered in Hanover, Germany and is internationally active across all E.ON sites.

My work involves looking into new methods and tools to support E.ON's digital transformation. I am investigating and implementing new ways of collaboration, working and learning, as well as setting up modern, collaborative working environments. 

Andrea: I am a Business Consultant with IBM. In my current role as Communication Manager, I take care of internal communication related to the Public Sector in GBS Europe. I work in a multinational team. I get to organise events, engage and inform our teams across Europe through various media and means, manage and maintain the sector community and support our leadership in their communication mandate.

The friendships you make at Abertay are just so special. They stay with you wherever you go thereafter.
Frank and Andrea Gremme | Abertay University | Alumni

What are your lasting impressions of Abertay and Dundee?

Both: The first coursework results because they were so different from what you do in Germany – it was exciting to discover how we had got on with our first piece of coursework. Working on your Honours Project or revising for the exams until late in the evening and then going out with your friends for a pint and a whisky to wind down. Also, graduating in the Caird Hall is something we will never forget.

We would also have to say:

  • Thai students playing like happy children in the snow they were seeing for the first time in their lives

  • Friendly people everywhere

  • Lecturers who did not only teach but really worked together with the students

  • Living together with other international students

  • A nice selection of pubs and restaurants.

Do you have any advice for students?

Both: Enjoy your student life and go out with friends. The friendships you make are just so special. They stay with you wherever you go thereafter. When you start your professional career, keep your eyes open and go for the things you would like to do, even if this means you change roles many times. If you're an international student and have the chance after finalising your studies, make sure you take some time and travel around Scotland.

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