Graduates from our Business, Finance and Law courses

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Katie MacDonald

Katie MacDonald is a Business Graduate at Babcock International Group.

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A picture of Andy Campbell sitting in an office

Andy Campbell

Andy is the Marketing Manager for Henderson Loggie Chartered Accountants.

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A photo of Amelie Mariage

Amélie Mariage

Named as one of Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs in 2016.

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A picture of Barry Fitzpatrick holding a puppy

Barry Fitzpatrick

Barry runs his own business consultancy firm, 80/37 Business Solutions.

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A photo of Roz Tippett standing by a river

Roz Tippett

Roz is the HR Coordinator at The James Hutton Institute.

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Evan Stoflet

A professional ice hockey player, Evan turned to the books to future-proof himse...

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The degree at Abertay was exactly what I wanted. It explored a lot of things and allowed you to pick your path.

Gordon Robertson | Edinburgh Airport | Head of Communications

Woman smiling next to the European flag

Zoe Dingwall

Zoe is a Political Adviser on Brexit and Economic Affairs Committee at the Europ...

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A photo of Constantin Bedrule in front of the V&A Museum in Dundee

Constantin Bedrule

Constantin is a Paralegal within Digby Brown’s Dundee General Personal Injury Li...

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Kevin Rooney

Kevin is a Project Sponsor at Network Rail.

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Jude Ower smiling at the Next Level event

Jude Ower MBE

Jude is CEO of Playmob - a platform that raises $1billion for causes through pla...

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A photo of Ali Abou El Nasr delivering a presentation

Ali Abou El Nasr

Ali is currently the Innovation Manager at ZED Football Club in Cairo.

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A photo of Gordon Robertson at Edinburgh Airport

Gordon Robertson

Gordon loves his job as Director of Communications at Edinburgh Airport

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Catherine Robertson

Catherine Robertson

Catherine co-owns Robertson Collaborate Marketing Consultancy in Dundee.

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A picture of Hannah Reyes smiling

Hannah Reyes

Hannah travels the world to manage her clients's online advertising with Google ...

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A picture of Frank and Andrea Gremme smiling

Frank and Andrea Gremme

The only constant in business is change and studying abroad offered German coupl...

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A photo of Maoye Cao sitting on a chair

Maoye Cao

Maoye is an Overseas Business Development Manager for Shanghai Aiyang Ge Busines...

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Shadrach Toroitich

Shadrach is a Senior Internal Auditor at Kabarak University.

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A picture of Jenny Robertson standing outside The Ecology Centre.

Jenny Robertson

Marketing Manager of the Ecology Centre, Jenny came to Abertay when it had just ...

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Bela Havasreti

Bela is an AML KYC Associate - PCS Register Services - Oversight & Control at RB...

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Games, Ethical Hacking and Computing

Graduates from our Games, Ethical Hacking and Computing courses

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Sports Science

Graduates from our Sports Science courses

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Social Sciences and Nursing

Graduates from our Social Sciences and Nursing courses

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Science, Food and Engineering

Graduates from our Science, Food and Engineering courses

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