Science, Food and Engineering graduates

Nicola Robson

Graduating in 2016, Nicola's now a fully-fledged Specialist Biomedical Scientist...

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A photo of Patrick Murray in a red shirt

Patrick Murray

As a Lab Manager for VWR, Patrick develops cancer treatments.

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A picture of Karim Abu Nour Dettori on graduation day

Karim Abu Nour Dettori

Karim is a Manufacturing Process Engineer at Terumo Aortic.

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Abertay is very future focused and very current. The degrees on offer are really relevant.


Rebecca Fitchet - Technologist, Angus Soft Fruits

A picture of Linzi Brechin holding a glass of champagne with the view of a large city behind her.

Linzi Brechin

The job where Christmas comes in July - Linzi works as an Assistant Editor of th...

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Aileen McColm - Food and Consumer Science

Aileen McColm

BSc (Hons) Food and Consumer Science, Class of 2020

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A photo of Madison House on graduation day

Madison House

Madison works as a Specifications Officer and Hazard Analysis Critical Control P...

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A picture of Samuel Ceolin wearing a hairnet and apron at Scott Brothers Butcher

Samuel Ceolin

BSc (Hons) Food and Consumer Sciences, 2016

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A picture of Rebecca Fitchet in front of a field of strawberries

Rebecca Fitchet

Rebecca is a Technologist at Angus Soft Fruits, one of the biggest companies res...

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Steven Traynor in a suit standing in front of Abertay University's Kydd building

Steven Traynor

Steven's team is responsible for delivering a Construction Framework worth almos...

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Headshot of graduate smiling

Belinda Oldfield

Belinda is responsible for all of Scottish Water’s revenue for 2.5million househ...

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A photo of Graham Lawson smiling with his arms folded. He's standing in front of a white door.

Graham Lawson

Graeme is a Senior Engineer for housing developer, Persimmon Homes.

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Claire Walsh

Head of Occupational Health and Welbeing at BAE Systems Naval Ships, Claire mana...

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See what the rest of our graduates go on to do...

Man on running machine

Sports Science

Graduates from our Sports Science courses

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Lecturer talking to a classroom full of students

Business, Finance and Law

Graduates from our Business, Finance and Law courses

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Social Sciences and Nursing

Graduates from our Social Sciences and Nursing courses

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Games, Ethical Hacking and Computing

Graduates from our Games, Ethical Hacking and Computing courses

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