Games, Ethical Hacking and Computing Graduates

A photo of Jess Hider wearing a sea captain's hat.

Jess Hider

Jess has worked with legendary franchises like Mario and now works at iconic gam...

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A picture of Amrita Bharij smiling

Amrita Bharij

Amrita focuses on creating a great player experience in Triple-A games at Rockst...

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A photo of Abbie Smeaton smiling

Abbie Smeaton

Abbie works at SEO company Verve Search as a Junior Designer.

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Nicole wearing a grey hoodie with glasses on top of her hair, looking happy

Nicole Sangster

In the wonderful new V&A Dundee, Nicole promotes the museum to the world

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A picture of Steven Taarland

Steven Taarland

Co-Founder of the Rainbow Jam, Steven helps to celebrate and promote LGBT+ theme...

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Isabella Wang smiling

Isabella Wang

Isabella's Abertay degree gave her a significant edge in the job market in China...

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Charalampos Koundourakis

Charalampos Koundourakis is graduating from the BSc (Hons) Computer Game Applica...

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Find the path that is right for you, do what you love and the rest will fall into place.


Liam Wong | Ubisoft | Art Designer

Female close up smiling

Timea Tabori

Rockstar Engine Programmer, Chair of IGDA Scotland and Women in Games ambassador...

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Black and white photo of a man smiling

Claude Dareau

Since graduating Claude works on VR projects for Oscar-winning visual effects st...

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A photo of Kieran Nee in a Mediatonic t-shirt

Kieran Nee

The Movies, Fable II, Fable III - Kieran worked on all three games and is now Le...

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A picture of Stephanie Bayzeley by the logo for the game Monstrum

Stephanie Bazeley

Stephanie talks about her work on hit horror game Monstrum.

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A picture of Tom Goodchild smiling

Tom Goodchild

Tom's set up his own indie company, Ice Beam games.

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A photo of Adam Hastings with his arms folded standing outside Abertay

Adam Hastings (aka Irving Garrett)

Research Assistant and Wrestler

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A picture of Rejosh Samuel on graduation day

Rejosh Samuel

From Abertay to Canada, Rejosh works as a Game Developer for Pong Studios in Tor...

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A picture of Eilidh MacLeod standing with her hands in her pockets.

Eilidh Macleod

Eilidh works as a Games Designer at Fortitude Games.

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A photo of Natalie Clayton in front of a microphone

Natalie Clayton

Taking part in a TEDx event on campus helped Natalie's career fall into place.

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A picture of Arran Topalian smiling

Arran Topalian

Arran changed his career goals from history teacher to computer games designer. ...

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Rebecca Roe

Rebecca Roe

Rebecca Roe will be graduating with a BA (Hons) in Game Design and Production Ma...

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Exterior of Abertay Universities Bernard King Library

Simon Messer

Co-Owner of Wee Door, Simon is also working as Lead UX Designer at BBC +Ui UX&D.

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Upon graduating I felt prepared and ready to jump in and start working in the games industry.


Timea Tabori | Rockstar Games | Engine Programmer

Graduate sits surrounded by computer screens

Ben Newcombe

Ben is on the two year Software Engineering Graduate Scheme at the BBC.

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A picture of Fraser Patullo standing in front of the Tay

Fraser Patullo

Fraser is Director of Engineering at Cherwell Software.

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A picture of Drew Buddie in a Captain America outfit delivering a presentation

Drew Buddie (aka Digital Maverick)

Drew has built up a large online following, he’s also Head of Computing at Bramp...

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A picture of Matt McNally smiling.

Matt McNally

Matt switched courses to find the right path for him.

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Aaron Quinn

Aaron Quinn

Director of Business Transformation and IT at Cooneen Group.

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A photo of Scott Mill with his arms folded

Scott Mill

From getting stuck in a lift dressed as a Scottish Rugby Mascot, to working as a...

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A picture of Dan Mosca

Dan Mosca

Getting a helicopter to work - discover what life offshore is like for a Consult...

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A picture of Grant Douglas in a kilt on his wedding day

Grant Douglas

One of the top iOS Apple iPhone security workers at Synopsys

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A photo of Ciaran Gallagher on a boat.

Ciaran Gallagher

Ciaran travels all over the world as a Technical Consultant at Appirio.

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Abertay gives its students the chance to really make a lasting impression on their development and skillset.


Dan Mosca | PA Consulting Group | Consulting Analyst

Black and white photograph of a man smiling

David Hamilton

Ninja Kiwi's Executive Vice President shares his journey from Abertay to over 10...

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Graduate standing in the Centre For Excellence

Lili Liu

Lili was one of the first students to graduate from our partnership with Perfect...

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A picture of Pasi Pitkanen holding a stuffed toy of a pig from the game Angry Birds

Pasi Pitkänen

Pasi is Head of the Audio Department at Rovio Entertainment where he works on to...

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Kathryn Main standing beside a tram in Edinburgh with the CR Smith logo on it

Kathryn Main

Kathryn mixes design and marketing as a Marketing Executive at CR Smith.

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Lecturer talking to a classroom full of students

Business, Finance and Law

Graduates from our Business, Finance and Law courses

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Graduates from our Social Sciences and Nursing courses

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Graduates from our Science, Food and Engineering courses

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Sports Science

Graduates from our Sports Science courses

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