Simon Messer

Co-Owner of Wee Door, Simon is also working as Lead UX Designer at BBC +Ui UX&D.

BA (Hons) Game Design and Production Management, 2017


Time flies since graduating huh? What are you up to these days?

I've newly started a job at BBC Voice +Ui UX&D as a Lead Ux Designer. Previous to this I was working at STV as a Ux Designer. Within that role, I worked on on the overall user experience of the STV iPlayer, the user interface, micro animations and the overall look, and most importantly feel.

Previous to this, I was working as a KTP Designer with NATS AirTraffic Control Prestwick. It involved transferring Game and App design knowledge to a business that traditionally doesn’t employ for that discipline. My day to day was looking at business problems and training, creating training prototype apps and games. I ran user testing groups and spoke to the benefits of these products to key stakeholders in the business. Self study apps, group learning games and Voice (everything) with Alexa were my areas of interest at NATS. This position was created through an Abertay partnership with industry, making the transition seamless.

How did you find the transition between University and the working world?

Within the degree, we completed professional projects for clients and were encouraged to work on our own projects. Having those learnings allow you to enter the employment ring in your industry with minimal friction.

What have been your biggest successes and challenges during your professional career?

Releasing a paid game on iOS and tvOS with your peer with doing your dissertation was my biggest challenge to date. Having the confidence and ability to have a meeting with Apple about your product is an exciting challenge. One that’s has shaped me.

I think there are a lot a smart people that come through the system at Abertay. Having the opportunity to mix together on projects and learn together is what I feel was the real magic of the degree.
Simon Messer | BBC +Ui UX&D. | Lead Ux Designer

How did your degree help prepare you for what you do now?

My degree in Game Design and production Management gave me the ability to expose myself to a lot of disciplines in the game and app field, See what worked for me, then allowed me to focus down and develop on my area of interest, which was Ux-Ui Design.

Was there anything or anyone that had a particular impact on you during your degree?

The creative freedom gave me the confidence to really own my work and develop it. Being a ‘Dare to Be Digital’ Finalist and a ‘Dare Academy’ Winner taught me so much, and gave myself and my co-owner of ‘Wee Door’ Josh Hale the ability to start our own creative games studio. Having a game on the Apple app store with tens of thousands of paid users while being at University was a career starting dream come true.

What would you say to those thinking about pursuing a career in your sector?

If you think about the creation of games or apps or production or the general future of ‘things’ on a daily basis, then it is for you. You are right for the industry.

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