Isabella Wang

Isabella was inspired by her time in Dare to Be Digital to study at Abertay. She's now a Chief Designer in Beijing.

BSc Computer Game Applications Development 2011 /MProf Games Development, 2012

How important was your time in Abertay in helping you pursue your career?

Abertay gave me a significant edge when pursuing a job in the game industry, especially when applying for roles in global companies aiming at European and American markets. During my MProf, we were given the chance to work in game development teams. It offered me a precious opportunity to learn, understand and improve my cooperation skills with developers from around the world who had different skills to a game designer.

The opportunities to attend Dare, the Indie Festival, and presentations from famous game developers also helped me when I started to work in the games industry. 

What inspired you to come and study at Abertay?

I joined the Dare to be Digital competition in 2010 as the Chinese Team’s team leader. During the 10 weeks at Abertay, I was so impressed by its game education and study environment that I decided to apply to do my MProf after the competition finished.

Abertay is a small but fantastic University. As the birthplace of Rockstar, Dundee has the gene of game creativity. Year by year, lots of passionate game developers graduate from Abertay and many of them receive funds from the University to pursue their game dreams in Dundee. Abertay is a great place for young people who want to join the game industry in the future.

Abertay gave me a significant edge when pursuing a job in the game industry.
Isabella Wang | FunPlus Games | Chief Designer

What does your current job involve?

I am working at FunPlus Games as Chief Designer in a SIM game team. My job involves game concept design, system design, feature design and feature development management. 

Do you have any advice for students/international students coming to Abertay?

University is the best time to try all the things you are interested in and work out which ones are the best for you. Studying abroad at a good university with great teaching resources is no guarantee that you will become a good games developer. But the experience of learning and living in a place that has a different culture, as well as the knowledge you gain in considering and solving problems, will definitely help your future career.

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