Abbie Smeaton

Abbie works at SEO company Verve Search as a Junior Designer.

BA (Hons) Computer Arts, 2017

Tell me about your job and what it involves?

I do design work for an SEO company. Basically, clients come to us looking to increase their rankings in search engines. We’ll create design campaigns to help give them PR and exposure.

How did your degree help you get to where you are now?

It helped a lot! There are obviously things I’ve learned since leaving university, but if I didn’t get the experience at Abertay, I wouldn’t be here at all.

I did a lot of extra stuff and I ended up with two client jobs because of Game Jams.

What about societies? 

They were really good. I loved the Games Design Society. You can get successful projects out of it, but mine didn’t work. That taught me what to avoid!

Take advantage of all the societies and activities that you can because they’ll benefit you.
Abbie Smeaton | Verve Search | Junior Designer

What were the Game Jams like?

They were the most fun part of all the extra stuff I did. It’s nice to go in with nothing and come out after two days with something you can show people.

I went up to do Moray Game Jam with some friends and we ended up with a placement at Hunted Cow. We worked on a game that ended up being released on Steam called ‘Everything is Peachy’.

It’s a resource management/strategy game. We went into (the Game Jam) just wanting to have fun but people really liked it!

Did anyone or anything have a particular impact on you at Abertay?

The lecturers, especially Lynn Parker in my last year. I was the only person doing any UI stuff and she went out of her way to set up meetings with people who work in the industry. She gave me a lot of support.

Do you have any advice for our current students?

Obviously don’t overload yourself, but take advantage of all the societies and activities that you can because they’ll benefit you.  


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