Rebecca Roe

Rebecca Roe will be graduating with a BA (Hons) in Game Design and Production Management

 Tell us about your journey to Abertay

I was studying Computer Game Development for two years at West College Scotland before moving to Dundee. Abertay was my first choice university because of the reputation it had for its game courses.


What are your plans for the future?

I am currently working as a Junior Artist at 4J Studios. I will be there for the next six months (at least!) and I hope to stay there after my internship is over.


Tell us a bit about your dissertation or main final year project

My project was to create a small 3D environment packed with a lot of European-looking architecture and details.  One of the main inspirations was Arkane Studios’ approach to art direction and so a lot of my own design choices where heavily inspired by the style of their games, Dishonoured 1 and 2. It was initially supposed to be a dark and derelict looking environment to mirror the style of the first game, but as time went on my preference started to shift towards a brighter looking scene, similar to the style of the second game.

My dissertation was about the importance of making sure every design aspect and choice during production is consistently working well with one another and adapted if necessary in order the create a cohesive end-product that feel believable and how this approach can be implemented across, not only environment art and design but the various other areas of product development/design as well.

Abertay was my first choice university because of the reputation it had for its game courses.
Rebecca Roe | School of Design and Infomatics | BA (Hons) Game Design and Production Management


 What’s something few people know about you?

The first time I ever played Minecraft was at my interview at 4J studios! I still managed to get the job, but for the first couple of weeks I was nervous they were going to kick me out for not knowing the game as well as the others! Luckily, however, I’m still there!


What’s your advice for students starting at Abertay after the summer?

I learned a lot from attending game jams and recommend everyone to take part in one at least once or twice a year. These events are such an important part of improving as a developer/designer/artist, since they push you to create something that you want to be proud of in such a short time. The pressure can obviously be daunting, but it becomes all worthwhile when you see people enjoy your game in the end!

You get to work and meet new people and (usually) end up making friends and the awesome beginnings for games.

I consider myself primarily a Voxel Artist and it was at a game jam that I first used the software that I still use today. My voxel work was what got me my job after university and, if it wasn’t for attending that game jam, I wouldn’t have known how to do voxel work and wouldn’t have gotten a job building in Minecraft!

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