Min Prasad Bhandari

Tell us about your journey to Abertay.

I chose Abertay because of their proactive response on student queries . The support I got from my supervisor in completion of PhD and my growth as a researcher is the best experience I               achieved in Abertay University.  


What are your plans for the future?

Land a full-time academic position and publish further research in Business Management, particularly in Digital Marketing.

I chose Abertay because of their proactive response on student queries
Min Prasad Bhandari | Dundee Business School | PhD student

Tell us a bit about your PhD topic.

My principal research interests lie in the field of relationship marketing, particularly consumer engagement in digital marketing. Through my PhD research I investigated the role of consumer engagement in enhancing loyalty and word-of-mouth in user generated online brand communities using a sample of UK based social media users.


What’s something few people know about you?

As an international student, I had the burden of finance (a self-funded PhD) and family (my first son was born in the first year of my PhD, my father died in the second year and younger son was born in the third year), I almost had to quit my PhD. However, salute to Dr Gary Mulholland (my supervisor) and my wife who understood my situation and motivated me towards my research so I could reach graduation.


What’s your advice for students starting at Abertay after the summer?

Always collect experience because a qualification will get you to an interview, but experience and passion will take you further. Abertay can be a place to achieve your experience and passion.

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