Amanda Gard

Tell us about your journey to Abertay.

I came to Abertay through the AHEAD programme, which allowed me to do flexible part-time evening classes and prepare me for degree-level study. Without it I would have struggled because hadn’t written an essay for 20 years! After having kids, I had a few issues with weight gain/loss and I had a stint being a Diet Counsellor, but I found I didn't have the skills to help them keep the weight off. The support wasn’t there for people so I thought if I learned more about improving health, I'd be better able to help other people. That’s why I came to Abertay.


What are your plans for the future?

I’ve got a first-class degree and I want to use what I’ve learned to work in health promotion for the NHS. But I’m also thinking about staying on to do a Masters by Research project or even eventually becoming a lecturer. It’s great to have so many options open to me now!

Abertay, particularly with its sports courses, really is an ageless institution.
Amanda Gard | School of Social and Health Sciences | BSc (Hons) Physical Activity and Health

Tell us a bit about your dissertation or main final year project

I wanted to do a project regarding women and why so many of us don't exercise, particularly in my own age group.  I quizzed a few women my age and found that lots of us experienced a specific barrier to exercise participation, which appears little-acknowledged or researched by the health/fitness industry and, due to this, I based my project on exploring how this specific barrier influences a woman's ability to participate in physical activity.


What’s something few people know about you?

I did 10 years in the Navy! I loved Dubai and saw it way before it was all built up into these posh hotels. I went maybe 14 or 15 times and every time it got bigger and bigger. I liked Africa and went to Sierra Leone where I received a medal. I’ve been to the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and loads of other places…but my favourite was the Bahamas! 


What’s your advice for students starting at Abertay after the summer?

I would advise all mature students to go for it. Whatever your concerns are you needn’t worry about them – there is great support and Abertay, particularly with its sports courses, really is an ageless institution.

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