Jenny Robertson

Marketing Manager of the Ecology Centre, Jenny came to Abertay when it had just become a university.

BA (Hons) Business Studies, 1998

What kind of things does The Ecology Centre do?

We run a lot of different projects. For example, we do lots of outdoor education work within schools and we do a lot of nature therapy. Some children respond better by getting them out to forests and doing walks with them, rather than in a classroom environment.

We also have an eco-adventures holiday club, a volunteering programme and a community garden, which grows vegetables and fruit.

We have a fantastic bunch of volunteers, and some of them have been helping us for years. It’s very much a family atmosphere.

How did your time at Abertay help prepare you for what you do now?

It was great. It was an all-round course and that mix stood me in good stead for what I do now. I still refer back to it.

I have such fond memories of Dundee and the University.

I’m proud of what Abertay has become. It’s totally different.
Jenny Robertson | The Ecology Centre | Marketing Manager

It seems as though your time at Abertay really helped you get on your current career path?


I think in all my jobs there have been things I’ve referred to, as much as I referred to my experience in previous jobs. Four years is a long time to spend doing something, and it’s not something you just forget about.

What are your lasting memories of Abertay and Dundee?

Making friends and meeting my husband! Those are the two main things. I also had an enjoyable time on the course.

You’re among the first batch of people to graduate from the university, what do you make of what it’s become?

I’m proud of it. It’s a very different place from when I was there, but the focus is still on making sure the education is the best people can get.


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