Kirsty Moss

Kirsty is an Employee Experience Manager at Kin + Carta Europe.

MSc International Human Resource Management (2020)

What do you get up to on a day to day basis?

  • Checking in on Teams and people across the business and running regular Health Checks - providing feedback and committing to follow-up actions to help enhance employee experience and well-being.

  • Onboarding new starts

  • Hosting our Monthly 1st Thursday and People Updates – celebrating our people, culture and successes across the business and recognising our employee award winners and promotions

  • Facilitating Training Sessions such as Radical Candour, Overcoming Unconscious Bias, Mental Health Awareness, Line Manager Training and Bereavement Support

  • Organising social events,

  • Supporting with change initiatives.

It’s a very varied role - I absolutely love it!

Tell us a wee bit about your journey to this position since leaving Abertay.

After school, I went to Dundee College to study Business and after my HND decided I wanted to continue my studies so joined the University of Abertay in 3rd year to achieve my Honours Degree in Business Administration.

After graduating, I unexpectedly received both the Management Prize and Alexander D G Kydd Prize and was invited to the Prizegiving where I met Andi Lothian, the Founder of Insights Learning & Development – a company I had been really interested in when looking for my first full-time role. It was that conversation that actually lead to an interview at Insights, which I was firstly unsuccessful for in the December after graduating but received a call back in the New Year to join the Team, and was lucky enough to have 4 amazing years there - during which time I progressed into a Global Recruitment role within the People Team and further developed my passion for employee experience and development.

I absolutely loved Recruitment but was keen to move into a generalist HR role and, at that point, decided to apply to study my Masters in International HR Management and gain my Level 7 CIPD qualification, which I knew was so highly respected within the HR industry. I wanted, and needed, to continue working full-time so decided to study part-time over 3 years, during which I moved into different generalist HR roles to gain hands-on experience and was then able to put theory into practice and bring my experiences and insight into my studies.

Just recently, I have moved from HR Business Partner into the role of Employee Experience Manager which was a perfect opportunity after completing my dissertation and studies, having focused my dissertation on 'The ‘New Normal’ – Remote Working Following COVID-19. Investigating the Key Factors Influencing Employee Experience.”

What successes and challenges have you come up against in your professional career so far?

  • Job changes, getting to grips with new people, culture, management styles and ways of working, which proved challenging at times but provided me with great insight for my studies and has influenced my own management approach;

  • Supporting with challenging change and redundancy projects, and the emotional challenge this brings;

  • Adapting to remote working and helping to support colleagues through a really uncertain and challenging time, and successfully finishing my Masters.

  • Passing my Masters with Distinction and being awarded the CIPD Mid-Scotland Branch Prize for outstanding performance. I never ever thought I'd achieve that or would be so fortunate to receive recognition from CIPD.  It's without a doubt my biggest achievement to date!

What are your future professional aspirations?

To continue to progress in my role of Employee Experience Manager and to make a positive difference to my colleagues and the wider business, and to be a thought-leader in this area… (Aiming high!)

I think it’s a brilliant university and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity and flexibility to complete my Masters Degree.
Kirsty Moss | Kin + Carta Europe | Employee Experience Manager

Why did you choose to come to Abertay?

I studied there previously and knew they offered great flexibility and support which would allow me to continue working full-time whilst studying my Masters. 

How did your degree help prepare you for what you now do?

It’s been so valuable.  It really helped me to put theory into practice and increased my knowledge, understanding and confidence.  My Dissertation – focused on the Factors Influencing Employee Experience whilst Working Remotely – also allowed me to focus on an area I was incredibly passionate about and ultimately shaped my career path, into the role of Employee Experience Manager. 

What’s your lasting impression of Abertay?

I think it’s a brilliant university and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity and flexibility to complete my Masters Degree whilst continuing to work full time and to have had the understanding and support of the lecturers to do so.  They were always so supportive and helpful and it really did make such a difference, especially during challenging times such as job changes, COVID19 and when adapting to remote working and studying. 

How did you find the transition between University and the real world of work?

I didn’t find it too difficult. I’ve always worked throughout my studies and gained different work experience in similar office environments so I didn’t find it that difficult to transition. The only thing I really struggled most with is maintaining a healthy work/life balance. In education, saying ‘no’ was never an option so I think the hardest thing was adapting and finding my voice and the confidence to clarify the real priorities and to push back and challenge when needed. I used to say yes to everything asked of me and would continue working in my own time, in order to honour my commitments and deliver. That was probably the steepest learning curve for me and is still something I struggle with now but I know how important it is for my health, wellbeing and overall happiness to ensure a healthy work/life balance. I absolutely love my work but there’s more to life - can’t be all work and no play!

Do you have any words of advice for anyone thinking about getting into your profession?

Go for it!  Follow a path you’re passionate about and it won’t feel like work.  I really do love my job and I feel like in HR and Employee Experience there is so much opportunity to make a positive difference.  You also have the opportunity to gain great experience within a generalist role or can specialise in a particular area you love.

What about your younger self?

Don’t doubt your ability. And don’t settle. Believe in yourself, work hard - you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

And lastly, to the MSc IHRM graduating class of 2020?

Don’t be disheartened if it takes a little time to secure your dream role. It’s a tough climate to be working in at the moment and I’m a firm believer in what’s meant for you, won’t go past you!  Keep your head up and believe in yourself – you’ve worked hard and have gained amazing skills and experience during your studies that will be an incredible asset to a very lucky Team.

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