Ali Abou El Nasr

Co-founder of Blind Football Egypt and Find Me Football, Ali has even worked as a translator for Alex McLeish at Zamalek Sporting Club.

"The versatility of the courses and experience of the tutors helped to shape my way of looking at things."
Ali Abou El Nasr | ZED Football Club | Innovation Manager

I think the thing that helped prepare me most for the working world from Abertay were the practical sessions and my time coaching through Active Schools. All the research we were asked to do and the weekly activities also helped open my eyes to the other sides of sport. The versatility of the courses and experience of the tutors also helped to shape my way of looking at things.

I'm co-founder of Find Me Football and also of Blind Football Egypt. I loved football ever since I was a kid and even tried to make it as a professional but when that didn't work and I tore my ACL multiple times it made me think about the other side of the sport. I got my coaching badges while at Abertay and tried coaching but that didn't work well in Egypt because of the football ecosystem here.  A friend of mine volunteered at a school for the visually impaired in Cairo and he asked me if I could coach them as there was only goal-ball available at the time as a sport for the visually impaired. We started coaching them weekly and then turned it into a nationwide initiative. 

Find Me Football is a mobile application where people can meet up with others to get a game when they don't have enough players. So users can create a game that others can join and go have a game of football where they can rate and challenge each other. In the future, I hope to take Find Me Football outside of Egypt and have it be operational in as many places as possible and possibly have a player as good as Mo Salah on my roster of players. Currently I have a few players in Europe who are young so I hope they all make it big and I can help other Egyptians find their passion for sports and see that there is more to it than just playing.

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