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Facilities and Expertise

Abertay is equipped with cutting edge facilities from virtual reality zones to Scotland's only food lab featuring a climate controlled Consumer Experience Area.  Conferencing needs are fully catered for and can be tailored to meet individual requirements.  

Collaborative Research and Knowledge Exchange


What is the Hive?

Abertay’s HIVE (Human Intelligent Virtual Environment) is a multi-purpose laboratory designed for research into multi-media and virtual reality. This laboratory offers a widescreen, dual-projection ‘data wall’ for visualisation and immersive displays. Unlike most virtual reality laboratories, HIVE also includes a 5m by 5m Virtual Reality ‘mobility space’ which allows participants to physically move around while in Virtual Reality motion.
We can also facilitate focus groups for specific demographics for example, looking at the development of new products for people with sight loss.

Which type of businesses can benefit from working with the HIVE?

  • Games developers, especially mobile games developers
  • Any business using, or planning to move into, digital marketing or on screen advertising
  • Retailers who can use the Virtual Reality facilities to create mock ups of store layouts

Eye Tracker

What is the Eye Tracker?

The eye tracker provides information on how the human eye views material, for example what parts of a webpage a viewer will look at first. It provides a highly effective tool to help businesses develop a screen layout which will provide the best consumer experience. The Eye Tracker laboratory programme has been developed through collaborative work with end users and can facilitate focus groups covering specific segments of the population to help develop new products for target markets.

Which type of business can benefit from working with the Eye Tracker?

  • Any business using or planning to move into digital marketing or on screen advertising 
  • Retailers for the design of effective shelf layouts
  • Businesses developing interactive online services

Food Laboratories

Abertay’s cutting edge food laboratories offer a wide range of facilities, including Scotland’s only food laboratory with X ray imaging. The scanner can analyse food structure to help businesses understand how their production process can affect the texture of their food, and therefore the quality of the final product. Our facilities also include a sensory centre, where testing on the taste, smell and look of food is carried out, test kitchens and a consumer testing centre. High quality food photography facilities are available to help users develop the specific skills needed for photographing food for marketing purposes.
Having worked with the food and drink sector for over ten years, Abertay can offer access to trained food consumer panels, expert advice on the sensory impact of food and support in analysing results, including statistical analysis of consumer data.

Which type of businesses can benefit from working with Abertay’s Food Laboratories?

  • Any businesses involved in the food and drink sector including both manufacturers and retailers


Please contact, or phone +44 (0)1382 308068 for further information.

Facilities and Equipment for Hire

Situated in our award-winning library building, the LearnDirect IT Training Suite has been designed specifically for the needs of small to medium IT training events.

Facilities include:

  • 18 PCs
  • One teaching PC (with cordless mouse and keyboard)
  • A built-in data projector
  • TV and video 
  • An audio system
  • An induction loop
  • Video conferencing
  • Two whiteboards
  • A flipchart

For more information on our facilities and equipment, please contact

Video Conferencing

The video conference room is most suitable for groups of six, but can accommodate up to 12 people.

Utilising IP Technology, the high definition conferencing facilities available include:

  • Cisco touchscreen control
  • Hi-definition document camera
  • Screen/data sharing
  • External device inputs
  • Multisite bridging facility
  • Large, dual-screen display and projection screen
For more information on our facilities and equipment, please contact

video conference room 3 box size